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Nivida Security Management Software (Cloud Based)
Follow the progress of your guards, reduce manual operations and have every actionable insight on dashboard. The best of everything about our security management software is – You get the power to control business functioning.

Complete Company Information Control & Management At Your Disposal

One Would Experience Super-Quick & Fast-Forward Access To Reports & Statistics Without Having To Look Back & Forth
No Manual Work Needed. All The Reports Are Generated Automatically, Resulting In Putting You At Front-Side of Productivity & Efficiency
Not Only You Can Manage To See Company Information Tab, But Also Enquiry List, SL/PL Leave, And Petty Cash Tabs Really Beforehand For Faster Actions & Initiatives
Allows You To See How Many Employees Are Working, Their Contact Details & Designation At A First Glance. Not Only You Can Track Employees’ Attendance & Other Statistic Reports, But Also Company Branches Details If Any
Can Help You Get Timely Geo-Location Information, and Employees’ Punch In/Punch Out Details In A Structured Sheet

Contact Master Tab To Serve The Finest Customer Service

Serves Ready-Made Platform To Process Detailed Analysis of Client Data
Reduces The Risk of Inaccurate Information; Thus, Ensuring Maintenance Of A Good Client-Relationship
Allows The Company To Run Operations Smoothly & Systematically, Eventually Increases The Number of Clientele By Far
You Can Always Track & Manage Employee’s Leave, Even Complying With Company’s Leave Policies, Saving You From Frequent Leave Requests & Approval Operations
Cumbersome Tasks Of Navigating Through Files & Spreadsheets That Eat Up Time & Efforts Can Be Undertaken On The Fly With Just A Few Clicks
Comes With Fully-Automated System That Streamlines & Simplifies Leave Management Process

Real-Time Insight Into Contact Meeting Master

Easy To Gain Insights Into Leads More Effectively, And Help You Organize Clients’ Details In A Systematic Manner
Allows You To See The Most Qualified Leads; Thus, Making You & Your Team Automate Entire Lead Nurturing Process Extensively
Access To Easy-To-Read Reports & Important Metrics To Build Credibility With A Vast Pool Of Potential Clients, Resulting In More Sales & Revenue.
Seamlessly Allows Your Employees’ Start & End Meeting, While Also Providing Them With the Feature To Add Meeting Status Beforehand (Front-end)
Comes With Easy-To-Use Tab That Helps You Track Scheduled & Upcoming Meeting Agendas, Without Compromising Necessary Tasks & Processes At Hand.
The Most Effective Way To Carefully Plan & Prioritize Meeting Urgency & Follow-Up, Resulting In Saving Countless Hours

Automated & Customized Payrolls & Salary Management Tab

Access to Employee’ Profile, Designation, Detailed Salary Report & Employee Department In Just A Click, Saving Time & Lowering The Error Ratio
Comes With Scalable User-Friendly Interface That Also Allows One To Enter & Get Employee’ Payment Information & Hold Of Old Payroll Reports Respectively
Provides With An Accurate Salary Management Function, And Also Simplifies Tax Processing Compared To Manual Systems, Leaving One Out Of The Stress To Processing All The Records On A One Go
Easily Track Distributed Items, Including Guards’ List With A Clean User Interface
Comes With Crystal-Clear Distribute Item Tab; Hence, Making You Cut Off Time-Consuming Manual Operations
You Can Easily & Quickly See How Many Quantities Are Being Distributed; Hence, This Requires No Complicated Set-Up

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