Project Description

Pigeono, a complete solution to bird repellent for organization, industry sector, Institutes, houses and shops. It provides bird repellent services which solves the problems of nesting, roosting and diseases. Pigeons breed very rapidly, and thus to get rid of pigeons it is necessary to control it. Pigeono provide spike units which force pigeons to shift their habit of nesting, resting or roosting. The spike machine don’t hurt pigeons or kill them. Moreover, the spikes are sharp with inconvenient edges which do not harm or hurt pigeons or any human but it compel pigeons to swap their resist place at very initial stage. If bird is not control, it can also lead to a big and unwanted disease. Pigeono gives the absolute results to bird control in Vadodara. Pigeono gives one year of warranty. The solution of these pigeon control was never so easy to tackle it before, Pigeono made it simple to handle bird control. We want you to be free from pigeon nesting and roosting problems.

Project Detail
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