Grocery at Home
Project Description

Grocery at home is an online grocery platform that is completely focused on ensuring that you can shop for your daily essentials & grocery brands from the comfort of your homes or offices and have your orders delivered to you in a matter of hours. Most of the time we walk up to a counter or grocery shop and ask for the food items we want to purchase, or sometime we hand over a grocery list, as an order to that grocer and at the end the grocer charge the customer. A little hectic stuff. But, shopping on Grocery at home makes shopping for essentials more engaging, entertaining, effortless, fun and stress-free. Grocery at home especially designed, keeping in view the modern consumers and shoppers busy lifestyle; who are always short on time and high on stress. Shopping on grocery at home is non-intrusive yet social, effortless yet comprehensive and something that can be done at their convenience.

Project Detail
Grocery at Home