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We all care for money in one way or other. Keeping this in mind, we have created well-developed and highly secured gateway platforms for e-commerce websites. Secured. Safe. Trustable.

Payment Gateway

Every e-commerce website requires a platform or a gateway to connect the client’s payment account with the website’s account. Such a gateway has to be very safe and secure since it is carrying the private and important data of clients account. To fulfill this need, the payment gateway page comes in role. This page provides the e-commerce website with the safe and secure pathway which carries all the important data in an encrypted form. Payment gateways allows for the credit/debit or any other payment account details to be secure instead being sent online. That sensitive and important transfer of money is far much faster and secured. This process is very hassle-free and convenient. Online shopping and e-commerce websites have blossomed with the presence of payment gateways.
With Nivida’s innovative payment gateway setup, you don’t need to make your customers wait for ages to get an approval regarding payment decisions. Integrated payments on your website with our advanced and authentic system will enhance the customer-friendly experience to a greater extent.
We have a dedicated and well experienced team to regulate all the operations regarding the online payment gateway services. They make it sure that our online payment gateway system works smoothly and efficiently without causing any trouble to our clients and their customers. Hence, maintaining the reputation of our clients in the market.
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Depending on our customer’s requirement, we offer different types of payment gateways like Hosted Payment Gateways, Pro / Self Hosted Payment Gateways, API / Non Hosted Payment Gateways, Local bank integration, Direct Payment Gateway, Platform Based Payment Gateway Solutions, etc. Our e-commerce websites are powered with our safe and secure payment gateway solutions makes them one of the safest and magnificent websites. When it comes to the reliable and remarkable e-commerce website with all the required and essential attributes, Nivida is the name you can trust for your valued business.