Order Management System
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With multiple features and ever-growing demand of the clients to provide more and more to their customers, Nivida has created its management software in line to the perfection and customization.

Order Management System

Order Management System (OMS) is proved to be a companion for any e-commerce website. It takes care of the problem of planning, pricing, configuration and fulfillment of orders. The requirements for order management system began with the increase in the usage of attributes like buy online, direct pickup, easy returns & replacements, delivery to multiple locations, payment refunds, etc.
With the increase in competition, retailers and merchants started offering different offers and privileged services to the customers in order to attract them and convert the deal successfully.This gave rise to the need of more crucial and authentic management system that looks well over all such services and attributes linked with an e-commerce website.
Order fulfillment and synchronization started taking place with ease. Such OMS systems also guide, track and deliver the correct product or service to the correct buyer or customer. With the growth in ecommerce website era, there is a substantial growth in order management system too. Things get more complex in the case of B2B. It involves multiple locations, timely location fulfillment, ERP systems, etc. making business between B2B more tedious. But with the help of the advanced and efficient order management systems, created by Nivida, you can easily overcome from such situation and focus completely on your valued business without any worry. We offer the best ecommerce website management system in India.
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Order Management System is the software which administrates the process in an e-commerce website. It manages and controls the orders placed by the customers and also has the thorough overview of the inventory. The OMS receives the customer order confirmation then matches the inventory availability with the warehouse system. Our e-commerce websites are designed to facilitate our client’s business with more exposure and conversion in an online platform. Our order management system is a single system capable to manage all the aspects of your online business, such as order processing, customer service/CRM, call center management, regulating and purchasing, warehouse management, inventory management, order fulfillment, accounting, etc. Our fully integrated OMS helps you run your business smoothly and efficiently. Order Processing System by Nivida is created to deliver far more than any other order management system. It’s a well-equipped business management tool that can enhance the performance of your e-commerce website.