Medical E-Commerce

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Medicine Product Management Module
Medicine Categories
Medicine Subcategories
Medicine Brand
Medicine Name
Medicine Product Code
Medicine Price Rate
Medicine Discounted Rates
Medicine In-Stock
Medicine Image
Medicine Description
Medicine Technical Specification
Medicine Brand
Medicine Code
Medicine Quantity
Medicine Entry Date
Last Edit Date
Send Inquiry about Medicine
Medicine Dosage
Medicine Composition
Medicine Purpose and Use
Medicine Quick shop
Medicine listing (by customers)
Medicine Filtering/Sorting combining all filters
Medicine Pre-order/Waitlist
Medicine return with super admin access only
Medicine Product exchange with super admin access only
Order Management Module
Medicine Order Status with super admin access only
Medicine Order Full Details
Medicine Invoice
Invoice Printing
Courier Slips
Medicine Pending order
Medicine Process order
Medicine Complete order
Medicine Cancel order
Customer Management Module
Customer profile management for super admin only
Customer Profile
Add new customer
Manage customer order Status
Manage their communication chat
Manage Customer password & can reset
Manage Customer wish list
Book an appointment for customers
Restock reminder for customers
Cart Management
Product Image
Quantity (Edit)
Coupon Code Management
Estimate Shipping & Taxes Management
Cart discount features bundle price
Easy Checkout
Billing Address
Shipping Address
Shipping Method
Order Confirmation
Payment Gateway Integration (Any One)/Cash On Delivery
Email Notification
New Customer
Order Status
Product Return
Forgot Password
SMS Notification (Third Party API)
New Customer
Gift Card
Live Chat Integration (Third Party)
Back End/super Admin Access
Multi Admin User Rights
Admin Login
Customer Login
Country Master
State Master
City Master
Zone Master
Product Category Master
Product subcategory Master
Customer Module - Back End Access For Customers
Customer Login
Customer Personal Details
First Name
Middle Name
Last Name
Contact Information
Street No/ House No
Street Address
Pin Code
Mobile Number
Home Number
Emergency Contact Number
Email Address
Set Customer ID and Password with OTP
Forgot Password Option
Order Management Module For Customers
Manage order history
View all order history & pending order history
Product restock reminder
Save own size by filling measurement form and view with filter
View own wishlist history
View order status
Pending order
Process order
Complete order
Cancel order
Returns product with shipping returns label generation (Third party API for shipping returns label)
Exchange product
Payment Management
Manage payment history for customer
Customer payment options
Net Banking/Credit Card/Debit Card/Cash Cards, etc.
Manage payment History
View payment status
View wallet details
Payment Notification
Order Confirmation Notification
Communication Module
Direct chat between customer and admin
Generate and manage chat history with third party API
Prescription Module
Medicine Family
Number of medicines
Medicine Power
Patient Name
Doctor Name
Patient Age
Patient Address
Patient Communication details
Payment Gateway
Order Management For Customized Product
Show Delivery Time
Show Price
Show Quantity
Show Availability
Show Return Policy
Add to bag
Shopping Cart and Checkout
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Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Want to present the best of your brand in social media? Try Nivida Web Solutions Online Reputation Management (ORM). With this you can set up a brand image in online platforms thereby enticing users to become loyal customers of your brand. ORM can be conducted on paid media, earned media, social media and own virtual properties like websites.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Nivida Web Solutions SEO package consists of the following 7 categories and sub categories – SEO analysis, SEO on-page optimization, SEO content, SEO local optimization, Guest Posting, Google Recovery Services, SEO social media marketing and SEO off page. As one of the top SEO companies in Vadodara, we have catered SEO services to varied kinds of clients of different industries and markets adhering to white-hat practices only.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Choosing Nivida Web Solutions as your social media marketing agency in Vadodara, Gujarat, India or any part of the world ensures sanguine growth without spending a bomb like a social media marketing budget. Among social media platforms, we specialize in Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIN, Snapchat and Pinterest social media marketing services.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

We support businesses in expanding their digital footprint with Google Adwords. Nivida Web Solutions PPC services in Vadodara, Gujarat, India has helped businesses fetch instant website traffic by implementing accurate keywords against minimal PPC ad investment. By far, we have experience in PPC for search ads, display ads, mobile app ads, shopping ads and video ads.

PLA (Product Listing Ads)

Pay per click that has detailed information and display are called Product Listing Ad. Along with Google Product Listing Ad, Nivida Web Solutions has also designed and executed Product Listing Ads for Facebook and Instagram as well. In Facebook and Instagram, this is called Dynamic Product Ad. For Product List Ad in Vadodara, Gujarat, India or Dynamic Product Ad in Vadodara, Gujarat, India, feel free to connect with us now.

Vlog & Blog Marketing (VBM)

In-house team of writers and designers at Nivida Web Solutions brainstorm and deliver both blogs and vlogs of highest standards based on keywords, trends and uniqueness. Ample time and research efforts are spent on each of our creative content such that they stand out from the crowd, pull attention and carry a successful marketing agenda.

MPM (Marketplace Management)

Marketplace Brand Managers at Nivida Web Solutions simplify your job of placing your products in different virtual marketplaces. This includes Inventory Management, Price Management, Product Discovery Investment and Settings, High-Quality Product Description, no duplicate content, Seller Management Portal and Customer Reviews Management.

360° Marketing

Targeted Email Marketing (TEM)

Experience next level email marketing with Nivida Web Solutions, Vadodara now in an affordable budget. As a digital marketing agency, bulk email marketing in Vadodara, Gujarat has been one of our foremost services that we started with. From unique design to seamless delivery, our email marketing campaigns help businesses to discover new edges.

Niche Digital Branding (NDM)

For successful digital branding, amalgamation of all digital media services does not always work. Based on industry, budget and niche, we help businesses to map strategic digital branding marketing plans that ensure conversion, traffic and leads.

Whatsapp/SMS Marketing (WSM)

Nivida Web Solutions, Vadodara offers both SMS and Whatsapp Marketing services. For Whatsapp, our services are Whatsapp Push Services and Whatsapp based chatbots. In Bulk SMS, we allow online address book services. However, in both the cases 100% human feeling and accurate language is incorporated such that no messages look repetitive or robotic.

Tele/Chat Automation (TCA)

Opting for Tele/Chat Automation service enables businesses to deliver a one to one communication medium with customers. Nivida Web Solutions has experience of designing and successfully executing Tele/Chat Automation service for different kinds and sizes of businesses. This is a cost cutting digital marketing effort that we recommend to all kinds of businesses.

Dynamic Event Marketing (DEM)

As an integrated digital marketing company in Vadodara, Gujarat, India, we have now added Dynamic Event Marketing (DEM) in our portfolio that helps businesses to make their events a viral show. Every Dynamic Event Marketing (DEM) is handled with utmost care utilizing enterprise grade marketing technology platforms.

WAMC (Website AMC)

Here is a quick sneak peek in our service range included as part of WAMC - Design Change, Content Change, CSS Change, Fixing System Bugs, Install/Modify Plug-Ins and Forms, Add New Content, Text and Image Enhancements, Adding/Removing Web Pages, Updating News, Events, Images, Website Banners HTML Coding, Improving Updating Site Navigation and Troubleshooting Issues as a whole

Reward Point System(RPS)

We help businesses recognize their best customers and introduce reward and recognition initiatives. Reward Point System with Nivida Web Solutions generates incremental and long-term value for businesses.

Loyalty Point System (LPS)

Nivida Web Solutions has been at the forefront of the loyalty industry of Vadodara, Gujarat, India for years now. We offer comprehensive loyalty solutions and services to businesses of all sizes across multiple industry verticals.

Group Admin Paid Blog (GAPB)

Group Admin Paid Blog has infinite branding abilities and thus we help businesses get their content published in popular blogging sites with tailor-made strategies for increase in website traffic and online sales respectively.

Group Admin Paid Post (GAPP)

Want to promote your business in best Facebook pages and handles? Contact us as Nivida Web Solutions is now counted among the top Group Admin Paid Post service providers in Vadodara, Gujarat, India.

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