Nivida Education Management System Software (Cloud Based)

Leave Application
  • Super admin use only web
  • Teacher use both app & web
  • Student use only app
  • Parent use only app
  • Apply for Leave application
  • Enter leave start date and end date
  • View Status Approved, Rejected or Pending
  • View admission Inquiry
  • View Standard
  • View Medium
View Payment Terms & Library
  • Payment can be viewed as monthly, yearly, half yearly and quarterly
  • Entire details of book taken and received can be seen
  • Can view all Inquiry
My Profile & I card
  • View & edit user profile
  • View student & teacher I card
Circular & Attendance
  • This will show circular
  • View attendance
Class, Time Table
  • View time table
  • This will show Home work & Class work
  • Home work will also show submission date
Homework & class work
  • Home work will also show submission date
Exam Schedule & student list
  • Exam Type
  • Supervisor
  • List of students
Events & leave
  • Upcoming Events
  • Past events