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The integration of computer hardware, software, and educational theory to promote learning refers to EdTech. In today’s time, when m-learning is now a top priority for most education institutes, there remains no doubt how EdTech has evolved leaps and bounds in last few years


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HowIt Works?

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Live Lectures (Live Streaming)

The users are allowed to take the live online streaming lecture. During these live online streaming sessions, you can create the list of live lectures in advance, users or students can attend their respective class or lectures with their respective logins. Live streaming, live chat with students and sharing the document screen are some of the benefits of Live Lectures.

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Recorded Lectures

Users or students are allowed to record their lectures and keep them for their reference. All you need to do is to select the course, branch and the subject but selecting the chapters, package name, valid days, etc is not needed.

Users or students are allowed to upload their recorded videos of lectures by clicking on the “Upload Video” button, users or students will be able to watch their class lectures by using their respective logins and can find uploaded video lectures in their respective folders created subject wise and chapters wise.

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Reading Material

Users or students are allowed to create the separate package of their reading material for which they are required to select course, branch and subject while selecting chapters, package name, original & discounted price, valid days etc are not required to be selected.

Users or students are also allowed to upload their reading material by clicking on the “Add Reading” button and uploading the pdf, students will then be able to attend their respective classes with their logins and can find their uploaded reading material in their respective folders created subject wise and chapters wise.

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Free Course & Referral Coupon for Onboarding the Students

Users or students can put the study material or books for sale as an E-Com feature along with an integrated payment gateway for which the users or students are needed to select the course, branch, subject mandatorily.

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Sale Postal Material on E-com with Payment Gateway

Users or students are allowed to create the series of tests. They are required to select the course and branch. Users are also allowed to create the test series name, set the valid days as well as the description of the paid package.

Users or students are allowed to add the tests which will enable the student to go to their respective class folder using their respective logins where hey can find their uploaded reading material by selecting their respective course, branch, test series name, type of test, subject (multiple selection allowed), syllabus (multiple chapters allowed, total minutes of test, start - end date).

Users or students are also allowed to add questions by clicking on any test in the test master and going to the “Add Question” section. Other test features are as follows.


  • Weightage of each question with marks
  • Question & answer type
  • Difficulty level
  • Question from chapter
  • Write question & answer in many languages (English, Hindi & Gujarati)
  • 4 MCQ answers with selected radio button is the right answer
  • Separate note for each Question in case needed
  • Negative marking
  • Online calculator available if needed
  • Add question paper rules
  • Load all questions at a time and starts reverse countdown
  • Skip the question
  • Select question to review later
  • Pause the test
  • Submit the test & instant result
  • Own rank amongst all students
  • Top 10 student marks
  • (starts back from the same position when electricity, internet or PC failure)
  • Immediate Solution paper
  • Online Result Features:
  • Instant report
  • Total students report with bifurcation of the marks
  • Listing of all students with individual marks
  • Download report instantly with topper to descending order.
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Combo Plan

You might be wondering why combo plan?
From all of the above categories of Live streaming, Recorded lectures, Online Reading, Postal Reading, Online Test Series, etc. On other platforms users are allowed only to sell the paid packages individually and aren’t allowed to sell any two, three or four of them as a combo package, while our Combo plan feature allows you to sell the paid packages as a combo package too.

Users or students are also allowed to add the Combo plan by following the steps.

Select the course and branch,

Select the package of four streaming and recorded lectures, Online reading, Postal reading, Online test series that you’ve created in their respective categories.

Also you are allowed to name the combo plan you created, set the original and discounted price, set the valid days as well as add the description of the paid package

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Free Course & Discount Coupons for Onboarding the Students

Users or students are allowed to create the discount coupons. After putting the individual paid packages or the combo plans to sell, you can give your customers the discount coupon codes. Discounts can be given in any form such as amount or percentage.

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Manage Multiple Location

If the user or student have taken the course of JEE and the lectures or classes for JEE are being conducted in another city or region, still the user or student can access the classes or lectures from any part of the country. Here is how you can manage the classes or lectures from multiple locations


You can create course, eg. 9th, 10th, JEE, NEET, etc.


You can access multiple branches but make sure you create the course before creating a branch and naming it.


You can create subjects for instance Physics, Chemistry, Biology. But before creating a subject, you must select course and branch name to proceed further.


You are allowed to create the chapters for instance Chapter-1, Chapter-2, etc. But before creating a chapter, you must select the course, branch & the subject name.


Users or students can register themselves by filling out the profile manually or you can also perform bulk student registrations by uploading the excel file by filling out the details such as student first name, last name, parent name, contact number, email id, course name, branch, student photo, (selecting Course and Branch is only required at the time of setting student’s package). When you enter the details manually a password will be generated automatically and will be sent to the users or students.

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Users or students are also allowed to do the order listing. Under our Finance feature, you can assess a list of orders, order details, invoice print and also can export the excel in bulk.

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Report & CMS

Users or students are given the Reports to do the analysis and they are provided with the CMS module with the help of which they can manage the common contents all by themselves.

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