Dedicated Servers
When businesses need a dedicated expressway, we provide with the superior dedicated servers to them. This way, we help our clients stay ahead in the competition.

Dedicated Servers

Nivida Web provides powerful dedicated servers which can manage your high traffic website, portal or social network.
Our servers and hardware have the most advanced and powerful configurations which ensure that your website experiences fast site load time, rapid connectivity and the best user experience.
  • Higher speed and performance levels:
    Overall speed to host application our dedicated server is much higher. At Nivida Web we use branded hardware’s from IBM/HP/Dell.
  • Increased capacity:
    In dedicated server single machine is assigned to only one client which helps to increase the overall speed to access online application hosted in our data centre.
  • Ability to customize hardware set-up:
    NIVIDA WEB offer hard ware customized solution in which client has liberty to customize RAM, hard drive and processor. Based on business demand we can upgrade server configuration.
  • Customized software:
    In dedicated servers, clients get an option to customize software’s based on the requirement. For example: In initial stage a client start its application with MS SQL express edition and it later stage it is feasible to upgrade database to other version of data base like MS SQL STD.
  • Creation of more than one domain:
    In dedicated servers clients can host multiple domains. As we are offering hosting 1 GBPS shared port therefore hosting muti-domain in a single server does not effect the speed to access the application.
  • Increased reliability:
    It only requires one rogue website in a shared server to cause a search engine to ban the entire server, due to the shared IP address. With a dedicated server, reliability is no longer compromised by other customer’s poorly written scripts or security problems.
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