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Client Case Studies from Nivida Web Solutions Private Limited
V.K Pack Well

Executive Summary

V. K. Pack Well-Private Limited, the most trusted Manufacturer firm, was founded in 2007 and is committed to exceeding customer expectations by developing best-in-class Geo Membranes and Pond Lining. The quality-oriented company policies and in-house laboratories enable us to bring forth a comprehensive range of unrivalled products, such as HDPE Flexible Pipe, HDPE Ponds Lining, HDPE Tarpaulin, HDPE Vermi Beds, V.K Sarvottam HDPE Bag, Terrace Gardening HDPE Grow Bags, Rain Irrigation System, and so on. Continuous improvement in manufacturing operations has gained widespread recognition, as evidenced by the products' comprehensive benefits of lightweight construction, waterproof qualities, heat-welded strength, rust and chemical resistance, UV treated weather sustainability, and competitive price.
We wanted to assist V.K. Pack Well in re-developing their website according to their needs and the ongoing trend in website design world. With a humongous clientele, plenty of orders on-hand to fulfill, everyone thinks of expanding their business, and so did V.K. Pack Well. They thought of re-developing their website and giving it a modern touch with new features and services added in the website. Not only did it become a legal requirement, but we also took on every business component and discovered a winning approach to make things noticeably become a high-end success story. The end result is a functional, clean, straightforward, and dynamic eCommerce portal that simply attracts and converts potential prospects in general.
Finally, after doing a thorough assessment of our client's requirements, we supplied our client with an effective, interactive, and dynamic marketplace that would make their operations and maintenance work incredibly flexible and simple to manage.

Nivida helped V.K Pack Well in scaling up its global presence by

Developing & Integrating Multiple eCommerce Portals Globally

V.K Pack Well