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Client Case Studies from Nivida Web Solutions Private Limited

Executive Summary

VIZYY is a leading E-Learning Platform specially built for the students of Class 6-12, JEE, NEET, AIIMS and also those who are enrolled in any of the Crash Courses. Vizyy have hired a staff of teachers that are highly qualified and are serving as teachers for more than 10 years. Vizyy is the only coaching platform available online that provides all the subjects under one roof. Vizyy curates high-quality cultural and educational media for the global lifelong learning community. Vizyy has live streaming lectures, recorded lectures in high quality audio and video, it’s enriching and is made available to use after enrolling. Our entire objective is to organize, curate, and provide you with access to high-quality material whenever and wherever you want it.
Pandemic has made it mandatory for all the students to stay home and study online using the website. So, to keep every function and feature in a smoother running condition and available to all the students online as well as offline, an effective platform was required to hold the data and make it accessible whenever needed. This idea made the vision more clear to create Vizyy - an online e-learning platform that can be made available for students. After gathering the required information as well as the latest online education trend as well as solutions it was necessary to revolutionize the concept of online learning, that can be accessed and enjoyed as a whole at large.
Finally, after doing a thorough examination of what exactly our client’s requirements are, we provided our client with an effective, long-term, as well as efficient platform including the website solution and the mobile app, that will make their operations and maintenance work highly flexible and simple to manage. As a result, all the enrolled students will be allowed to attend the live lectures as well as can watch the recorded lectures for revision, they can download study materials and other essential information.They can conduct Online tests for Students as well with immediate Result Facility.

Nivida helped Vizyy in scaling up its global presence by

Developing and Integrating Multiple eCommerce Portals Globally