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Client Case Studies from Nivida Web Solutions Private Limited
Spier & Mackay

Executive Summary

Why does great fitting, high quality menswear cost so much? The truth is it doesn't have to. Bloated distribution models, unnecessary markups and greedy profit margins all lead to artificially inflated prices. Like you, we appreciate a great fit, subtle details and overall better quality of luxury garments, but can't justify their high cost. Our goal when we started SPIER & MACKAY was clear. Disrupt the broken, traditional menswear model and really deliver an exceptional value and great experience to our customers.
We wanted to help Spier & Mackay have a clear picture and reputation in the marketplace with the products they have got on, so it could become easy to reaching out to potential customers that fit their customer avatar. Not only it became mandatory obligation, but we took on every business aspect and found through a winning angle to make things noticeably become a high-end success story. The end result has been – A Functional, clear, simple as well as vibrant Ecommerce Portal that just attracts and converts potential prospects at large.
In order for us to be completely integrated and fact- finder, our developers involved in the project proposal and started figuring out amazing specifications to add on. From sessions to sessions and discussions on the technologies to be used, we clubbed every equation and delivered qualitative Ecommerce Solutions that’s standing by and yielding amazing results. We also worked on providing interactivity, functionality and effectiveness to the portal, and that’s how Spier & Mackay is where it is now.

Nivida helped Spier & Mackay in scaling up its global presence by

Developing & Integrating Multiple eCommerce Portals Globally

Spier & Mackay