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Client Case Studies from Nivida Web Solutions Private Limited
RJ Vision

Executive Summary

We believe the space we are serving into requires rigorous expertise and a passion to get through every candidate achieve their goals and aims in life. It’s all through consistent, systematic and proven study models we have been developing, pertaining to education trends and other challenges. On top of everything – From test series to NEET, JEE (MAINS
ADVANCE), Crash Course, we serve proper systems that are oriented towards making our students give broader edge and understanding towards likely subjects they are intended to follow and have high interest on. Overall, we are changing a complete education landscape and bringing in robust foundations, making everything grasping and efficient for our students.
As a lot of education candidates and students would be using the website, and to have everything functioning and consistent, there was always a requirement for an effective system in place. All in all, further figuring out what needs to be done, we checked education trends and solutions that could revolutionize everything, so our client could enjoy effectiveness at large.
Finally, with having rigorous check on their requirements and needs, we got our client with effective, sustainable as well as efficient application and website solutions, making their operations and maintenance work super flexible and easy to manage. So, their students have the options to view exam alert, download important information and everything that could get them started without having to worry about the direction. Overall, client experienced complete fulfillment by far.

Nivida helped RJvision in scaling up its global presence by

Developing & Integrating Multiple eCommerce Portals Globally

RJ Vision