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Client Case Studies from Nivida Web Solutions Private Limited

Executive Summary

RIQR a sound name in the investment market of India offers long-term best investment plans to individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses. based on proprietary process driven asset allocation portfolio.RIQR was started by Mehul Shah in 2004. All products and services by RIQR can be customized as per customer requirements. Catering different sectors and industries has been one of our core values. A recent project that added Mutual Fund Investment in our portfolio was for RIQR. Initially RIQR reached us for a responsive e-commerce portal with live data and third party integration that gives RIQR the direction and consistency to boosts their online presence and highlights their services at the same time. RIQR is a 15-year old mutual fund company founded and headed by Mehul Shah, also known as the Financial Architect.
The primary challenges in the RIQR project were multiple third party integration, live data update and tight deadline. 100% efforts beyond office hours have been given by our in-house team of 6+ experts in diverse fields to pull off the RIQR project, keeping the client in loop in every stage. The RIQR project was successfully completed with website live hosting on the final day in a total span of 45 days.
A dynamic, responsive website has been built for RIQR 7 tabs, 16 product pages, 12 pages with third party API integration and a total of 23 API integrations. The best and unique part of the RIQR project was creating their ‘MF Analysis’ section where users can calculate and evaluate scope of investment based on their budget and preferred investment company. We also created their Privacy Policy, Terms and Condition, Previous Project, Schedule a Meeting and Expert team section in the RIQR website. During the course of the project, the content team reviewed the RIQR website content thoroughly for plagiarism safety and to ensure easy-to-consume content. With the vast pool of latest technologies and features integrated and executed in the RIQR website, we are hopeful that the site will definitely play a pivotal role now for the growth of their business and market.

Nivida helped RIQR in scaling up its global presence by

Developing & Integrating Multiple eCommerce Portals Globally