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Client Case Studies from Nivida Web Solutions Private Limited
HanuRam Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Executive Summary

HanuRam Foods Pvt. Ltd. has been a trusted name in the country's sweet and confectionery industry for over 15 years. In light of the pandemic scenario, HanuRam Foods Pvt. Ltd. is implementing the best hygiene standards and preventive measures in both the manufacturing process and the retail outlets to ensure consumer safety. Every year, HanuRam Foods Pvt. Ltd. is especially well-known for its Diwali packages, which are excellent choices for both personal and professional gifting. The best part is that you can now order HanuRam Foods Pvt. Ltd. sweets, namkeens, and farsan from the comfort of your own home by visiting their official website.
It was only a traditional sweet selling business having shops and stalls across the city, which incurred them the expenses of manpower, lot of paperwork, order mismatch, low accuracy in the accounts, as well as missing analytics and reports.
Hanuram’s team believed going big online with eCommerce would be the best option for their business, logistics and marketing requirements. We exactly provided them with the solution they wanted. With eCommerce’s API functionality, Hanuram’s website could easily integrate with other technologies, such as a POS system, to help advance its marketing and customer experience. We made the system smart enough to generate bills and invoices by itself and also integrated SMS and Email APIs so as to notify customers about the status of their orders and also make the payments online via an integrated payment gateway.

Nivida helped HanuRam Foods Pvt. Ltd. in scaling up its global presence by

Developing and Integrating Website

HanuRam Foods Pvt. Ltd.