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Client Case Studies from Nivida Web Solutions Private Limited

Executive Summary

Founded by the honorable Captain Bijayananda (Biju) Patnaik on 14th September 1946, the Orissa Flying Club at Bhubaneshwar, was one of the early and premier flying institutions of India.
When GATI approached us, their previous website design was short & simple, the logo needed some re-work, and had no CMS that could help them with the routine updates and changes.
Considering the changes we suggested, the owners agreed to give GATI a new look with a dynamic and attractive logo. The website has been re-developed with the trending theme, the logo has been made more dynamic than before that will surely leave a mark in the aviation industry. Having a new CMS system designed, GATI can now make the routine updates and changes with just a few clicks.

Nivida helped GATI in scaling up its global presence by

Developing and Integrating Website