Dec 10, 2018
It’s often true – Reality might not always play out the exact specifics as required.
In the same manner, considering internet variables to jump out and leap its benefits in an online world, businesses ironically believe digital marketing is a quite vague subject matter.
Some or the other ways around – Most of them consider; such marketing is highly unrealistic, unconventional as well as unimportant by far.
Therefore, to cut off all the objections, here’s what one can learn a lot.
It states – The World is Growing & Going Online Exponentially & Half of the World’ Population will be Online by 2030!
That’s the Huge News, Indeed.
Hence, follow the complete post to sense what is coming in the digital space, and how your business can be benefited if you perform, implement as well as execute them into your operations at the quickest.
These trends work amazingly, and are in place to trigger the way digital marketing has been undertaken nowadays. So, let’s start off!
  • 1. Video Marketing
It’s not that new; however, has been underrated, though!
Video Marketing works amazing. It attracts, engages and seeks target audience’ attention in the most effective manner.
To add more – It’s a real gem that’s working in 2018 at a larger scale. Therefore, it will be working greatly in 2019 too.
Video Marketing is a Video-Based Content that is then marketed to many platforms as needed (Upload Your Video on YouTube, and Distribute Them on FB, Instagram & LinkedIn).
It is one of the most popular forms of content that is highly rewarded proportionately.
In the digital marketing space – A marketer knows, it takes a split of second to lose customers; however, requires much efforts and time to acquire them in the long run.
That’s the reason – Video Marketing is impactful.
The Visual or graphical presentation; emotionally as well as written-content (subtitles) help users stay engaged and attracted.
Therefore, you never have to push a lot or go miles long to market your services to them without a doubt!
On top of everything, they won’t feel boring while taking on your content!
Subsequently, use this trend, along with focusing on other digital marketing aspects for quick growth and progress!
  • 2. Evergreen Written Content
No matter if you are a small organization, looking on aspects to grow business base is always important.
The fact is – You should look your way to written content as well. It works amazingly well in every context.
It’s not that tough to place yourself to combat among competitors to provide valuable information and knowledge to niche-specific target audience.
Being ideal and remarkable in the digital industry, what you need is the great content strategy, and content that can express a lot without a single utterly spoken word!
However, the question is how? In case you are looking for the answer – Content is something you should be switching to.
Create valued and informational written content that can resonate well with your target audience.
What they would appreciate and love is your honesty and transparency.
Talk about every positive as well as negative aspect, and how you can get them great values at large!
Suppose, you are in insurance industry; hence, make sure to provide target audience with lots of information and knowledge about the industry, how it strategically works, recent updates, and why it is important!
What is suggested is to qualify your target audience through written content.
That’s how you can win any battle; no matter, how big and staggering your competitors are in your industry by far.
After all, the phrase is correct – "Content is King", and it always wins.
  • 3. Info-graphics
One of the best digital marketing trends is Info-graphic content type.
Now, to put it straight and forward – Suppose, you are in an industry that is very complex to understand (Very technical and vast).
Furthermore, it would surely be typical enough for people to understand what you deal with and are into. Isn’t it?
Subsequently, what results it in is less brand awareness.
People start not to prioritize your business; wound end up buy nothing!
Though, it’s an ideal situation, but it’s worth the share!
In such cases – What works best impressively is Info-graphic content type.
It is a graphical presentation that splits information into its mini-form, making people to digest and absorb relevant information quickly and faster innovatively.
P.S. If you haven’t used or understood how important Info-graphics is, here is what you have got to learn from.
Moreover, it explains everything from start to finish. Hence, make sure to use it straight away to brand and market your services online!
  • 4. Story-Telling
How do you promote/market your services and products among people?
Huh – Just to share – It’s a frank question – Do you use storytelling as a medium to promote your services?
What we are discussing is the real gem in the digital marketing space.
In fact – Modern Marketers value storytelling for the way it works successfully to connect with target audience at the same time.
Furthermore, it is one of the most effective marketing practices that psychologically connect well with human’ emotions and nature.
So, what happens when you try to connect with your target audience and ask them to buy what you sell?
Well, the answer is – Sale! It is more like qualifying them at a very first interval!
People HATE marketers selling products upfront/straightforward/directly!
To a great extent – That can spoil their brand image, sincerely.
Therefore, do read what is there below for you, to ensure we are on the right page
"In the dark dawn, a fearless knight breaking through all odds, obstacles and adversity crossed heavily flowing river to everlastingly meet his beautiful queen. Until then, what happened was really shocking! Wild air was blowing. Unexpected things started happening. And, it was such a giant job to get through everything at once. The courageous knight; however, did not stop and chase the way to his queen exceedingly"– Just a part of storytelling, though!
The story holds readers’ attention. Here is something more to read.
Moreover, what is requested out of you is: Tell the stories that can inspire people, attract them emotionally and buy your services. In fact, treat your services as a solution to their problems.
Hence, make it more interactive. Make it more sensible. Make it more humanly. That’s what people love, and always like to respond to.
  • 5. Live Streaming
Using a trend that is up in air with the right mindset is more like giving Hi-5 to causes it’s been used for.
In the similar manner, broadcasting live videos, on any social media platforms (Available on IGTV & FB) can be a new initiative.
Video content works like a fire because it spreads the message consistently without any interruption. With all that said – It is more than the videos. It is Live Streaming, though!
For businesses today, relying on traditional means of marketing – Live Streaming has got to give a great head off.
The reason is simple – What works the best should be on the priority list.
Not only you get the opportunity to connect, engage and inspire your community through content you would produce, but it will also heavily impact your brand awareness initiatives.
People love real humans. Thus, using Live Streaming Functionality for your business is like giving your community a personalized touch.
That’s how engagement is built, resulting in more growth and progress by far.
The time business owners demand – They need speedy marketing initiatives; a marketer can definitively ensure there’s a room for more revenue and business!
He/she would probably switch to live streaming option to entice customers towards the brand!
So, it’s highly recommended to take the note of Live Streaming as it will surely impact the way your business runs its operations.
It’s one of the best marketing practices any business can implement on! So, just do it!
Final Thoughts
This is a high time that has brought digital disruption!
To stand out and grab the complete market space, businesses have got to strive a lot.
It goes on with more personalization, mutual-relations & word-of-mouth marketing strategies.
To cut the long story short – It’s important to take on above digital marketing trends in to account to reap digital benefits!
These trends are soon to be ever-green (Almost), and yet to be followed by.
Hence, bring them all on and give your business new dimensions at the same time.
P.S. Consequently, nothing is bad than having an online business that’s not performing, and attracted to online audience!