Works Both in Hot Weather Outside & Cold Whether Inside
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  • 08,Jul 2020
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Works Both in Hot Weather Outside & Cold Whether Inside

The IoT Device “TEMPie” uses cutting edge technology to deliver the best of temperature scanning and access control for organization of all sizes and scopes.

TEMPie provides quick and accurate temperature measurement of employees and grants them access if the temperature is below the preset threshold.

What makes it unique- is the device can be operated and installed without requiring any technical experience, and in no time your organization has a firewall against all spreadable diseases.

This device puts organizations in a win-win situation - where they can stop the COVID-19 from contaminating the workspaces and protects the business from coming to a stand still.

IoT Device “TEMPie”

  • Works Both In Hot Weather Outside & Cold Weather Inside

    The reliability of handheld temperature screening devices varies a lot, especially if the surrounding temperature is on the extreme hot or cold side. However, the IoT Device “TEMPie” works great both in hot or cold weather , indoors or outdoors. This feature of TEMPie makes it a robust device which promises accurate thermal screening in variety of weather or climatic conditions.

  • Contactless Body Temperature Screening

    If your organization is prepared to fight COVID-19, or any pandemic that can potentially impact the functioning and growth over time, what’s needed in place is a full-fledged, foolproof, thermal screening attendance system. If you are in the market for a seamless body temperature measurement device which can operate in tandem with your access control system or attendance system , look no further . “TEMPie” is the device you need.

SaaS Based Web Application & Mobile App “U20”

  • Organizational Mobile App For Employees
    • Login With OTP
    • Terms & Conditions For Geo Tracking & Declaration Consents
    • Language Options (English/Hindi/Gujarati)
    • Employee Health Profile
    • My Daily Self-Declarations (Auto-Scheduling)
    • My Daily Temperatures (Real-Time At Workplace)
    • My Daily Geo-Tracking (Daily Track Routes)
    • My Daily Alarms (Offline & Battery Alarms)
    • Notifications From Employer
  • Organizational Backend

    • Super-Admin & User Logins
    • Dashboard
    • Organizational Profile
    • Employee Listing
    • Self-Declaration Listing
    • Temperature Listing
    • Geo-Tracking Listing
    • WIFI Listing
    • Battery Listing
    • Send Notifications
    • Office & Vehicle Sanitization Report
    • Export Reports

Final Thoughts

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