Why Choose Vizyy As an e-Learning Platform?
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  • 14,Jul 2020
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Why Choose Vizyy As an e-Learning Platform?

This sudden shift of classroom learning to online classes has led to a high growth and adoption of advanced education technology. Foreseeing such a crisis much early, we designed and developed our first education technology product called Vizyy. Vizyy is an e-learning platform with feature-rich options for students and education institutes.

With Vizyy, institutes can widen the spectrum of their education services across the world while on the other hand, the Vizyy app encourages students to study and learn anytime, anywhere. Vizyy has been an integral part of the progressing education sector of India for the past decade. Our educationalists and technologists, Vadodara are putting in their best efforts to make Vizyy the most user-friendly e-learning platform of India.

Now, let’s take a look at the 8 reasons on why choose Vizyy As e-Learning Platform:

Personalized online self-paced learning

All features of Vizyy highly advocate personalized online self-paced learning programs by institutes for students. This is to levy equal focus on learning-abilities of all students.

Mere video calls with teachers continuously speaking on camera and students not paying attention is not the final goal of Vizyy. In order to support real time learning, education content, study materials, books can be stored in the Vizyy platform with book purchasing and notebook facility for students. Further institutes can assess student learning quality and status by conducting online tests through the Vizyy platform. Learn about the Online Test Series of Vizyy here.

Fully Customizable

The Vizyy e-learning platform in India is 100% customizable. Institutes can use the Vizyy Dashboard to customize the courses, online test series, live session schedule, roll-strength management, update booklist, add free study materials, include recorded lectures and so on. With such customizations, students find it easy to understand and relate when they open the Vizyy app for online learning. Institutes can also create customized study material combos and discount coupons to attract more students on their Vizyy platform. Customization features for students on Vizyy include notebook, bookmark, online test and assessment.

Mobile Compatible

Download the App

Delivering education anytime anywhere has been the primary goal of Vizyy. To enrich this and ensure that students from all parts of the world can avail this, we at Vizyy have an app. The Vizyy app can be downloaded for free from the Google Playstore or iOS Apple Store. The Vizyy app has a simple interface that students from nursery to management course level can easily get accustomed to.

User Friendly

Often e-learning platforms fail in the market due to high-end technology. This is not the case for Vizyy. Both Vizyy app and portal have a similar interface that students, teachers and institute admins can easily get familiar with. All users of Vizyy have a respective password for enhanced security and privacy.

In case of any difficulty to understand any aspect of Vizyy, please feel free to get in touch with us. We have a 24/7 support team for Vizyy users.

Virtual Classroom

Vizyy allows institutes to host live sessions with students, that is, conduct virtual classrooms where teachers and students can communicate directly despite being geographically apart. Live sessions on Vizyy are backed with echo free audio, screen sharing option and photo-clarity. Vizyy supports two way communications in order to develop healthy learning habits among the students with direct doubt clearing sessions with teachers. Teachers can save live session videos as Recorded Lecture for future reference of the students on Vizyy.

Multiple Content Formats

As shown in the image above, Vizyy supports multiple content formats. We understand that alone books and copies make learning very boring. Thus, on Vizyy study materials can be saved as live lectures, recorded lectures, audio files, video files, documents, postal materials, animation, link and so on. Institutes can host study materials in both free and paid options on Vizyy. Students can even buy books from the Vizyy app by paying online or by cash.

Customizable Advanced Reports

For institutes with large networks of centers, branches and heavy roll strength, administrators often find it tough to maintain a database or record of all. This is simplified in Vizyy where all student progress and performance reports can be saved. Such student progress and performance reports can further be saved categorized as per branch, course, batch and so on. The Advance report section of Vizyy is aimed at both institutes and students. Students using Vizyy can save their learning progress on Vizyy such that every time they come back on the portal/app, they have a reminder of what is done and what’s yet to be.

Easy Payment Methods

Now that Vizyy allows institutes to host books and study materials for sale, how do they accept payment for the same? Well, using Vizyy students can pay online using net banking, credit card or debit card. There is also an option of cash on delivery on Vizyy. Students can choose their preferred mode of payment on Vizyy for buying books and study materials online.

These 8 aforementioned features make Vizyy count among the top e-learning portals of India.

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