Vizyy Online Test Series
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  • 14,Jul 2020
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Vizyy Online Test Series

Vizyy offers a secure learning environment for both institutes and students to experience the best of digital learning. Vizzy works for all classes starting from nursery, primary, secondary, higher secondary, college, university, entrance exam to management courses. A storehouse of digital education content, study materials filled with a network of reputed teachers from different parts of the world – step into the world of Vizyy to add a new dimension to your learning goals. Seamless interface, modular customization options and highly integrated learning features make Vizyy ranks ahead of its peers in the education sector of India. Read more about Vizyy here.

For complete end-to-end online learning experience, Vizyy is available as both - website portal and app form. Using the app and registration is 100% free. Institutes can use the Vizyy portal on an annual rental basis.

Now let’s discuss the Online Test Series feature of Vizyy. The Online Test Series feature available in Vizyy helps institutes to conduct online tests and assessment for the students. Considering the pandemic spread and health & safety of the children, online test and assessment is the new normal in the education sector.

Let’s now look at, why and how Vizyy is the best platform to count on for conducting online test and assessment in India.

1 Class, Subject and Chapter wise Online Test Online test and assessment in Vizyy can be categorized based on standard, language, chapter, subject, and exam duration. This helps students to prepare on a specific syllabus and focus on it only.
2 Part Test/Chapter Test/Subject Test/Full Test Vizyy supports all kinds of exams – from short 10 mark routine tests to university level assessment - all can be conducted online with students participating from different parts of the world using Vizyy.
3 Fixed Date and Time Setup To continue with the merits of the traditional education system, Vizyy allows teachers and institutes to conduct tests on specific time and date. Implying, online test and assessment can be appeared and cracked on Vizyy only on a pre-fixed time and date. Education institutes have the choice of relaxing exam time and date if required.
4 Password Secured Test At every step when using Vizyy app, passwords are mandatory. Passwords help us to maintain a secured education management system without glitches.
5 Question Paper Instructions Remember getting extra 15-minutes for reading the question paper instruction on a test day! Same is the case with Vizyy where question paper instructions can be separately aligned such that no student misses it. Question paper instructions in Vizyy appear before the test like a warm up session.
6 Easy/Avg./Difficulty Level Questions Questions can be tagged easy, average and difficult by institutes on Vizyy. This will help students to categorize the questions during the online test and begin answering from their preferred one.
7 Save Answer/Review Later Often in online tests and assessments students worry if they will be permitted to edit or change their answer during the course of the exam. This is permitted in Vizyy where students can save answers and review/edit it at a later stage. This helps students to finish the paper within the deadline and improvise answers only if there is extra time in hand.
8 Pause Test/Submit Test During the course of an online test assessment on Vizyy, there are two final choices that students can make – pause the test or submit it. Pausing the test might lead to time loss depending on the nature of the exam and rules set by the test taker. Students are advised to review all answers before submitting the online test. Answers once submitted cannot be rectified further.
9 Total Attempted/Unattempted Questions Once the student finishes an online exam on Vizyy they can immediately review the total number of attempted and unattempted questions. This helps students to understand a basic idea about the success of the test they took.
10 Instant Result Institutes have the choice of ending an online test or assessment on Vizyy with instant results. This is particularly easy when the test is of MCQ questions only. However, the instant result feature is aimed at institutes only. This is purely optional for institutes to access.
11 Instant Ranking (Comparison with Other Online Students) In the Vizyy app, there is an option of checking instant rank of students in a particular online test or assessment. This helps students to understand their score and success.
12 Top 10 Rankers When an online test gets over on Vizyy, it can also show the top-10 performers of the test. This is an achievement for successful students and serves as motivation to other students.
13 Instant Solution Every online test has some questions that the student might not know or is out of syllabus. For such cases, students can use the Instant Solution feature in the Vizyy app to find out the answer on an instant basis.
14 Instant Strength and Weakness Report Students can also access instant strength and weakness report after completing any exam on Vizyy. This helps students understand their weak areas and further work on it. Instant strength and weakness report is generated only if approved by the test taker on the Vizyy app.
15 Negative Marking and Online Calculator (available if needed) Negative Marking and Online Calculator – both are optional features that students and institutes can explore during an online test or assessment program. If the nature of the exam calls for negative marking or use of an online calculator – both are available on the Vizyy app. Institutes who rent Vizyy as their e-learning platform can use the negative marking feature for free. Registered students can use the online calculator of Vizyy for free as well.

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