10 Vizyy Features for Students
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  • 14,Jul 2020
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10 Vizyy Features for Students

Vizyy – an online e-learning portal in India with feature-rich options for students and education institutes. Vizyy can be used to encourage online education from nursery to university level classrooms. On one-hand, the Vizyy portal enables education institutes to widen their services across the world while on the other hand, the Vizyy app is designed to encourage students to study and learn anytime, anywhere. Advancing the education sector of India for over a decade now, Vizyy is constantly updated by our team in order to be on par with current industry standards.

Let’s discuss the features of Vizyy that are designed and aimed at student’s benefits:

  • 1. Unlimited Updated Content Resources

    Text book data is often backdated when compared to information available on the internet. Exactly here, Vizyy is extra beneficial for students as resources and content available in Vizyy are constantly updated. This is to ensure that the young minds learn the latest there is out to learn.

    Education study materials, reference content and books are available in both free and paid access of Vizyy. In fact students can avail discounts and order books at Vizyy.

    Vizyy study materials are available in the form of presentation, videos, images, flowcharts, short clips are far more appealing than regular books and copies. This makes learning a faster process for the young minds.

  • 2. Personalized Learning Experience

    Often the learning abilities of a student does not match up to the speed at which things are taught in a classroom environment. To supplement the learning process of your child- Vizyy is the best choice where each student can learn at their own pace using best study materials, interacting with reputed teachers and having individual doubt clearing sessions. Enriching the personal learning experience in digital education is one of the primary focuses of Vizyy.

  • 3. Direct Interaction With Teacher

    We understand the important role of a teacher in a student’s academic growth and that is why we have a Live Lecture feature in Vizyy. Live lecture lets a student interact with the teacher using echo-free audio, camera clarity and screen sharing options. Live lectures can also be saved for future use in the Recorded Lecture tab. Recorded lectures allow students to continue watching their preferred tutorial whenever they need or want.

  • 4. Online Tests and Assessment

    Vizyy facilitates education institutes to conduct online tests and assessments for students. Online test and assessment can be planned in Vizyy with time limits, negative marking, language choices, exam instructions and instant marking option. Students need to login from their respective Vizyy account on the test day with extra 15-minutes in hand to ensure a seamless exam experience on Vizyy app or portal.

  • 5. Doubt Clearing Session With Teachers

    Got a question to ask your teacher? Do it anytime at Vizyy. Students can directly ask questions to the teacher during the live stream session. Direct doubt clearing sessions with teachers in Vizyy boosts self confidence, cognitive thinking and concept development.

  • 6. Develop Note Taking Habit

    When using Vizyy students can write notes beneath a particular study material or in their notebook. This is to develop note taking habits among the students. Notes also help students during revision. Vizyy allows note taking, writing and storing data on the app itself. Students can completely get rid of the traditional pen and paper learning process once accustomed to Vizyy.

    You can download the Vizyy app from Google Play Store or iOS Apple Store.

  • 7. Study Anytime, Anywhere

    One of the primary goals of Vizyy is to propagate learning anytime, anywhere. Simply download the Vizyy app on your phone and students can start learning immediately upon registration. Please note, for students whose school or college is not registered on Vizyy, the app is still a good choice.

    In the Vizyy app, students can access study materials, get in touch with best teachers and apply for online tests based on their personal requirements (age, class, language and time).

  • 8. Cost-effective

    Downloading the app and registering on it – both are free for using Vizyy. In fact, Vizyy is popular because it has an abundance of free study materials as well.

    Students only need to pay when buying a book or study material on the app. As learning on Vizyy is anytime, anywhere, this also reduces the traditional education costs (like transportation charges).

    Hence, Vizyy is very affordable for students looking at digital learning in India.

  • 9. Lectures available 24/7

    Download the App

    As mentioned earlier, the Vizyy app is a storehouse of study materials in different forms (video, audio, presentation, document and more). When in a mood to sit and study, students can simply open the Vizyy app and refer to their preferred education content. Vizzy lets students learn anytime, anywhere as they wish in a fun inquisitive way which most students are already accustomed to in today’s digital age.

    You can download the Vizyy app from Google Play Store or iOS Apple Store.

  • 10. Self-Discipline, Self-Motivation And Time Management

    As Vizyy highly encourages self-paced learning, students develop three excellent life learning from here - self-discipline, self-motivation and time management. Self-discipline helps students to learn fast, self-motivation takes them towards success and time management enables them to complete their tasks on-time in Vizyy and real life as well.

    Students and parents can explore the ten features of Vizyy after downloading the Vizyy app from Google Play Store or iOS Apple Store.

Feel free to explore the world of Vizyy now at https://www.vizyy.com/.

To learn more, please get in touch with us at +91 9925269809 and +91 9081335566.