Top 10 Tips to increase Facebook business account followers
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  • 26,Sep 2022
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When compared to the total population of the United Kingdom (66.65 million people), Facebook's humongous list of 44.85 million users in the UK only has been registered in March 2020 seems like a lot.

Businesses have a lot of potential on the platform to connect with customers but don't just believe us, experience yourself.

  • Each week, ⅔ of users on Facebook visit one or the other business page.
  • Facebook was named the greatest platform that offers an excellent return on investment of 95.8% to SMM professionals.
  • Direct purchases made through Facebook have been demonstrated to be more popular than any other platform.
  • Over half of consumers (57%) say they are influenced by social media when making purchases, with 44% saying Facebook has the greatest impact.

Is there a lesson to be learned here? A business page on Facebook is a must-have for any small company that wants to expand its customer base and increase its profits.

Having a page is great, but in order to reap the aforementioned rewards, you need to get followers.

  1. Include external links on your page:
  2. You've probably noticed the tiny Facebook logos that pop up on the sides of web pages and at the bottom of emails. That's right; you must put them to good use. Add a Facebook link to the footer of all your marketing materials, including blog posts, emails as well as web pages, and more people will click over to your page and follow you.

  3. Put a follow button on your website:
  4. Taking this a step further, you can install a button that permits visitors to your site to instantly follow your business page on Facebook before leaving the site. If you include this button, shoppers won't have to take the extra step of leaving your site to visit your social media page.

  5. Run competitions:
  6. The act of receiving something without having to pay for it is a thrill for almost anybody. It's easy and successful to increase your Facebook page's following by holding a contest, giveaway, or promotion. Make use of the fact that 39% of Facebook users will follow a page in order to gain access to a discount or promotion. It's a win-win situation because not only will the first person who sees the offer follow you, but so will two of their friends who, let's be honest, undoubtedly want to try their luck on the giveaway offer, too.

  7. Provide value:
  8. Given the abundance of Facebook businesses seeking customers' attention, it's essential that you set yourself apart from the competition by offering something truly worthwhile. Such content could include how-to manuals, top tips and tricks, tutorials, the most recent news of your industry, etc. In other words, if a user comes across a post uploaded by your company that they find fascinating, informative, and engaging, they will want to see more, and they may even share your post on their own feed, both of which will result in additional followers for your business.

  9. Use videos:
  10. The use of videos in online advertising is the latest fad, with projections showing that by 2021, videos will make up 80% of all consumer-based internet traffic. In an effort to give tough competition to live TV streaming, social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube are prioritising video content in news feeds. So, if you want to attract more viewers and grow your audience, jump on the video bandwagon.

  11. Reach out to subscribers:
  12. Email marketing has been demonstrated to be the most successful method of advertising since it is more targeted, reaches consumers directly in their inboxes, and is 40 times more effective than traditional advertising. You should take advantage of what you have by including a "join our Facebook community" link at the end of your emails, inviting your email readers to follow your business page on Facebook.

  13. The FLC formula:
  14. Research shows that the strategy of "following," "liking," and "commenting" (FLC) can rapidly increase your social media following if you play your cards well. The procedure is as follows:

    • Visit a rival website.
    • Use their list of followers to find new accounts that you can follow, like their posts, as well as comment on their posts.

    While this method may take some time, preliminary research in FLC indicates that as many as one-third of the users you follow will follow you back.

  15. Post consistently:
  16. If you want to increase your number of followers and the amount of interaction you get from them, you need to publish frequently and consistently without overwhelming your audience. One post a day is nominal, we advise posting only twice in 24 hours; if you do choose to post twice in 24 hours, make sure to leave some time between each update; no one likes to feel like they're being bombarded. According to research on the efficacy of Facebook postings, the engagement rate drops by half after the second post of the day is made on company pages. We suggest doing it no more than once a day.

  17. Timing is also important:
  18. Not only how often, but also when, you post matters. To find your company's optimal operating range, you'll need to use some plain old-fashioned common sense because it will differ from company to company. Explore Facebook insights for a wealth of useful information on your followers' behaviour, supplementing your use of common sense, and, while we're on the topic.

  19. Use paid ads:
  20. Ads that you pay to be seen by potential customers are probably the most obvious technique to increase your fan base.

    Using Facebook ads you can:

    • You can select your ideal customer base,
    • Decide on a target audience,
    • Choose an advertising type within your budget, then track and manage your campaign's results.