Top Native and Hybrid iOS App Development Languages in 2022
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  • 28,Sep 2022
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When it comes to careers, few things can compare to the prestige and financial rewards of becoming an app developer. Recent research by Statista indicates that Apple has paid over 200 billion US Dollars to iOS developers for their glorious contributions to the success of the Apple App Store. Wow, that's a huge number, right? Many would-be iOS app developers will be interested in this research.

However, are you aware of the imperative nature of learning whatever iOS programming language? Don't stress out if you are unsure. We've listed the best iOS app development languages along with their features, benefits, and downsides so that you may learn more about the most commonly used programming languages.

Top iOS App Development Languages:

Native iOS App Development:

  1. Swift:
  2. Stack Overflow polled 6,500 developers to find out which iOS programming language they prefer. Yes, and here's the kicker: To create native iOS apps, Swift has emerged as a popular language. It has a simple and concise syntax that is easy to learn and use. Swift provides a streamlined programming language and secure data storage. This results in a naturally secure coding environment by eliminating any potentially harmful code.

    • Features:
    • No external library imports are required for feature support.

      The latest Cocoa frameworks are easily accessible.

      Uses functional programming principles like map and filter

      Extensive collection with succinct iteration

      Allows for multiple return values

    • Pros:
    • The language's simple syntax makes it simple to comprehend, and it has robust type and error management capabilities that keep programmes from crashing.

      Easily adaptable for use with Objective-C and the addition of new capabilities.

  3. Objective-C:
  4. It is the first programming language to be designed specifically for creating applications for Apple hardware, such as the iPad, iPhone, AppleTV, as well as Apple Watch. If you need to build robust applications, Nivida Web Solutions - an excellent iOS App development company in India is the best place for you to fulfil all of your iOS app development needs.

    • Key Features:
    • At runtime, a metaclass is generated automatically and may be easily controlled. Smalltalk-like messaging and an automatic garbage collector make the language more approachable, and dynamic typing makes it clear when a variable stores a reference to an object.

    • Pros:
    • More stable than Swift and without regular version upgrades; compatible with C++ and C++ libraries; simple to connect to and use privately developed APIs.

Hybrid iOS App Development:

  1. C++:
  2. It's a great programming language that builds on C. C++'s adaptability makes it a go-to for web browsers, game engines, and OSes alike. A simple process of developing an iOS app is possible with efficient control over using excessive system resources and memory.

    • Key Features of C++:
    • It offers a library full of built-in functionality that can be accessed through appropriate header files;

      It is platform-independent and allows the same piece of code to be used in different settings;

      It is itself platform-independent.

      Strategies for dynamic memory management and dynamic memory allocation are provided.

    • Pros:
    • It is totally in charge of handling memory

      It allows the same software to run on different operating systems or interfaces, and it can handle both tiny and huge datasets.

  3. JavaScript:
  4. The best feature about this language is how well it functions in a variety of settings, not just browsers. The entire process of creating a mobile app may now be managed effectively under your direction. Apps targeting many platforms, such as iOS and Android, should be written in JavaScript.

    • Key Features Of JavaScript:
    • Platform independence so the script can be written once and run whenever and wherever needed; Rapidly verifies user input for mistakes to save time; Lightweight scripting language designed for data management in the browser; Helps reduce server load and network traffic;

    • Pros:
    • It has a straightforward design, is practical in practice, and can produce significant cost savings.

      The software runs more quickly because it can quickly establish a connection to the server, which is supported by all modern browsers thanks to JavaScript.

  5. HTML:
  6. HTML, or hypertext markup language, is a tool for structuring and displaying data on the Internet. If you want to build programmes that make use of a user's current location, this language might be a good fit. The process of app development is made easier to manage, thanks to multi-platform capabilities and rapid market deployment features. Get your iOS app developed by one of the most popular as well as noteworthy iOS App development companies in India - Nivida Web Solutions and open your doors to business growth.

    • Key Features Of HTML:
    • It's easy to display HTML texts on any platform, including Linux and Windows, and it has a gentle learning curve for novices.

      Link to relevant websites to help readers find out more.

    • Pros:
    • Because it is a tag-based language, multiple tags are used to create a single programme; the content is easily modifiable and lightweight, and the entire process takes very little time to implement.

      Accessible in a myriad of products, designs, and hues; simple to employ.