Top 10 Digital Marketing Hacks to upscale any business
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  • 06,Jul 2022
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You would have to make an effort to avoid social media in today's world. That stuff is everywhere! The majority of the world's population (58%) now has access to the internet, and this has made digital marketing a boon for firms looking to expand beyond traditional means. For obvious reasons, digital marketing is crucial for internet companies. However, this does not rule out the potential benefits of internet marketing for traditional stores.

Businesses with brick-and-mortar locations or local presences can benefit from studying the marketing strategies of their online counterparts. Based on its target market and objectives, a company may decide to focus on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest. People are more likely to patronise a local business that has an online presence and responds quickly to customer service requests. They may find that digital marketing is the key to their success. Here are top 10 hacks how local businesses can benefit from Digital Marketing strategies.

  1. Add location in your Instagram post:

    Instagram users can add a real-time location tag to any photo they upload to their stories or profile. Posts that include a tagged location receive 79% more likes and comments than those that do not.

    The location tag aids Instagram users in finding the right area when they conduct a search. They may look at all the posts that have that tag, which should help them decide.

    A business should always include a location tag when posting content online, and should urge their consumers to do the same. People are more likely to believe what they read when it comes from a friend or colleague.

  2. Adding location in your Instagram stories:

    It's recommended that while publishing Instagram stories, you include location stickers to boost brand recognition. If an Instagram user is interested in learning more about your company, they can do so by seeing all posts you have tagged your locations in, once they click through to the search results page.

  3. Use location filter in your Snapchat:

    When it comes to location tags, Snapchat is on par with Instagram. Location filters is the official name for this technology. You can add a location filter to your tales based on where you are at the time. In particular, there are many people who are active on Snapchat but not on Instagram, which is the app's most notable advantage. You can reach people who aren't following you on Instagram this way.

    Consider making a geofilter for your eatery as you may do so on your own. It is important that the geofilter has both brand recognition and a local relevance. On Snapchat's official site, you can make your own geofilter.

  4. Optimizing “Google My Business” profile:

    One of the most effective tools for local businesses is Google My Business. Everybody immediately turns to Google when they need anything. They pull out their phone and start typing in keywords right away. Take a look at this snapshot from a google search for ice cream. Getting into the top three of a Google search results page is possible for any business that works hard to improve their online presence through means such as profile optimization and the accumulation of positive reviews and citations. This has significant potential for expanding the company.

  5. Develop Store Pages on your Facebook:

    A well-designed and regularly updated Facebook page may do wonders for a company's growth. If one does not wish to devote additional time or money into social media, this is the least he can do. Even if you don't think it will, just this one action will make a big difference. Let's use the scenario of a person who wishes to eat out as an example. Just what is it that he would like to know first? Right away, he'd pull up the restaurant in question on Google or Facebook to check out its ratings and customer feedback. With the advent of Facebook Store Locations, companies who have several locations across different cities and/or states may provide detailed information about each store on the social media platform. Users would be able to locate the nearest business and obtain contact information. Check-in features on store pages also increase the store's online exposure.

  6. Promote Facebook Check-In:

    Check-in is functionally equivalent to a location tag or filter. It spreads the word about the location and invites people to check it out for themselves. Users can trust the reviews and other information they find when searching for articles using that tag. There is a store locator tool on Facebook that may be used by a single company to inform clients about its various branch locations.

  7. Conduct a local SEO:

    When consumers seek for information about a company, they are likely to first visit its online presence. It serves as the public's first introduction to the company. The site should not feel or seem like it was built in the 1990s. In tandem with this, brands should create a landing page tailored to each individual retail location.

  8. Encourage reviews:

    It's also really easy to accomplish. After a company has provided a service, they can always follow up with clients and request feedback, ideally in the form of an online review. In this way, a company can strengthen its less strong points and become more competitive. One gains insight into what is effective, which in turn encourages them to continue with that. Consumers are more likely to buy your product after reading positive feedback about it online. A further benefit is that it facilitates real-time communication. A company may immediately address customer complaints and make things right.

  9. Show Your Support for Your Community:

    In order to succeed, a local company must always be in the know. It should propagate relevant posts on the happening. Articles written in the native tongue and on local happenings are quite useful. A company can establish a strong following by appealing to its customers' sentiments.

  10. Try using local awareness on Fb and create store visit ads:

    It's a method of commercial promotion that costs money but is done professionally. Advertisements can be run on Facebook to a specific audience. That's great for getting the word out to the right people and growing brand awareness. Having a professional social media manager handle product promotion on Facebook is a great move for any company. A social media manager is familiar with both the brand's and the audience's wants and demands. He has a firm grasp of what does and does not produce results. To better sell the goods, he can help determine who they should be marketed to.