TEMPie is Affordable
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  • 11,Jul 2020
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TEMPie is Affordable

Expense is as low as 100 Rs. /500 Employees a Day for Offices, Factories, Resident with Historical Tracing.

TEMPie has the best price-performance ratio in today’s market. The initial cost of TEMPie when compared to a thermal gun might appear steep. However the corresponding benefits make TEMPie worth the use. In fact, it’s only during the first year that you have to bear the recurring cost of this IoT device. Thereafter, TEMPie works lifetime for free of cost.

In this blog, we will explain the pricing, cost and expense of using TEMPie for better understanding-

Per Day Expense Ratio of TEMPie

Please understand the recurring cost of TEMPie reduces with increased use. The greater number of people uses TEMPie, the lesser is its recurring expense.

Office 100 Rs./500 Employees
Public Place 100 Rs./5000 Visitors

We are offering customized price quotation for organizations with greater count of screening per day on TEMPie.

This price of TEMPie is fixed and does not change. This is a one-time cost. The best part is we are also offering a 6-month free Annual Maintenance Contract at this price. In case the TEMPie device malfunctions in the first year, the Nivida Web Solutions will be happy to help you 24/7 for a year.

On receiving complete payment from your end, we are delivering TEMPie to your location within 10-working days.

Benefits of TEMPie :

One of the best features of TEMPie is that it can be connected to any SaaS Based web application and mobile app. Benefits of connecting TEMPie to applications is listed here.


  • As most clients want to experience this benefit but do not have ready applications to connect the device with their access control or attendance system, we offer U20 - an organizational app with features designed primarily for employee protection. U20 and TEMPie can be seamlessly connected although, its totally optional and TEMPie will work great as a standalone device only to monitor or scan body temperature.

With rock bottom pricing (one-time cost, no recurring expense and affordable combo price with app) you cannot go wrong about TEMPie. To schedule a demo please visit www.nivida.in.

TEMPie is our contribution towards the Make in India initiative.

TEMPie and UNLOCK-2020 are available at www.unlock-2020.com

For a virtual demo of TEMPie, please schedule your appointment at www.nivida.in