TEMPie and U20 : Make in India Project
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  • 11,Jul 2020
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TEMPie and U20 : Make in India Project

With questions, doubts and uncertainty about the inaccuracy of Chinese thermal guns, organization and management boards are looking for alternative safer alternatives. We at Nivida Web Solution present our unique product which is totally researched, developed and made in India. – TEMPie and U20.

TEMPie and U20:

Counted among the foremost Make in India projects for the Covid-19 pandemic, TEMPie and U20 are an IoT device and SaaS based application respectively. Organizations can choose to use both TEMPie and U20 for complete protection of their employees, visitors, customers and not to forget the lovely family back at home. .


TEMPie is an automatic temperature monitoring system. With a temperature scanning accuracy level far better than Chinese thermal guns, TEMPie is a plug and play device that can be used 24/7/365 without break. In a day, the TEMPie IoT device can scan up to 5000 subjects.. TEMPie works in both closed and open environments.

Connecting TEMPie and U20:

TEMPie when connected to U20 helps management to maintain employee health records seamlessly where data is transferred and stored over the cloud. TEMPie can be connected to any organization mobile app like U20. Together, they simplify the process of temperature scanning and recording thereby helping organization combat the spread of the Covid-19.

As designed and developed completely in India, TEMPie has no similarity with Chinese thermal guns. By choosing to use TEMPie for your organization, you will thereby support the Indian government’s Make in India initiative.

TEMPie and UNLOCK-2020 are available at www.unlock-2020.com

For a virtual demo of TEMPie, please schedule your appointment at www.nivida.in