No Inaccurate Readings like Handheld Thermal Guns
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  • 02,Jul 2020
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No Inaccurate Readings like Handheld Thermal Guns

“Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business. it’s as simple as that.”

Ensuring employees’ health and safety is of paramount importance in any organization. With TEMPie you can be rest assured that the temperature reading is highly accurate and does not fluctuate like it happens with Chinese hand held thermal guns.

With IoT enabled “TEMPie”, you will provide a solid foundation to your organization’s determination to keep the COVID19 at bay and also, provide an atmosphere where your employees can work with peace of mind without worrying about their health.

IoT Device ‘TEMPie’ makes screening and reporting body temperature with accuracy super easy, seamless and automatic when coupled with Web and Mobile Application ‘U20’

The best part is – additional manpower dedicated to screen incoming and outgoing employees is not required when your organization is protected with our device, and that’s how the entire protection-providing process gets an edge.

To book a live demo of the Web and Mobile Application ‘U20’ and TEMPie visit our website or get in touch with us. We would love to show how your company can leverage the best out of the current “ Pandemic” scenario with added protection of TEMPie and U20

IoT Device “TEMPie”

  • No Inaccurate Temperature Readings

    With the run in the mill inaccurate chinese handheld thermal gun - it is difficult, if not impossible to rely on the data they provide. In these times of COVID19 pandemic you need to be 100% sure that your device is one which you and your entire organization can rely on. Thus, to ensure your organization is not affected - the IoT device “TEMPie” is the best solution you can ask for.

  • Never Requires Manpower like Handheld Thermal Guns

    IoT device “TEMPie” doesn’t require any manpower or training hours since scanning incoming and outgoing employees, including visitors, is automatic unlike handheld thermal guns. It's not difficult to understand - how crucial the device can be for your organization without cutting down on your revenues and growth.

SaaS Based Web Application & Mobile App “U20”

  • Mobile App For Employees
    • Login With OTP
    • Terms & Conditions For Geo Tracking & Declaration Consents
    • Language Options (English/Hindi/Gujarati)
    • Employee Health Profile
    • My Daily Self-Declarations (Auto-Scheduling)
    • My Daily Temperatures (Real-Time At Workplace)
    • My Daily Geo-Tracking (Daily Track Routes)
    • My Daily Alarms (Offline & Battery Alarms)
    • Notifications From Employer
  • Organizational Backend

    • Super-Admin & User Logins
    • Dashboard
    • Organizational Profile
    • Employee Listing
    • Self-Declaration Listing
    • Temperature Listing
    • Geo-Tracking Listing
    • WIFI Listing
    • Battery Listing
    • Send Notifications
    • Office & Vehicle Sanitization Report
    • Export Reports

Final Thoughts

Organizations that are forward thinking and proactive will leverage the long term benefits of The IoT Device “TEMPie.” It’s worth every penny you will ever invest in it. So, what are you waiting for? Schedule a demo of the product by clicking “here”.

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