No Extra Manpower Required For Every Entry & Exit to Take Temperature
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  • 02,Jul 2020
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No Extra Manpower Required For Every Entry & Exit to Take Temperature

The IoT Device ‘TEMPie” will prove to be a game changer for your organization. If you need to promptly measure the body temperature of your employees, without adding extra and dedicated manpower just for screening temperature using handheld thermal guns, IoT Device ‘TEMPie’ and Web/Mobile Application ‘U20’ will be the one which not only saves the day but also your precious employees and valued customers. The best part is – It’s cost-effective, and doesn’t require any prior technical experience nor does it come with any sort of learning curve, it's a very straightforward device with simplicity at the core of design. Doesn’t it sound great? The device can help your organization protect your employees and ensure the safety of every individual both inside and outside of your organization.

So, if you happen to be intrigued about the device, below we discuss a few pointers that you should know about.

IoT Device “TEMPie”

  • No Manpower Required To Take Body Temperature

    The Device works on cutting edge technology, providing instant and accurate temperature measurement. Another plus point to consider is – You never need any manpower to take the body temperature. This is a massive time and expense saver for your organization. It takes readings automatically, which is then saved on a web or mobile application based software in your device with web/mobile application ‘U20’.

  • Easily Connects With WIFI or Bluetooth Connectivity

    One of the amazing things you will notice about this device is – It doesn’t require you to have special skills to operate the device. Secondly, it thermally screens incoming and outgoing employees, even visitors with extreme accuracy. And the best part is – The device is WiFi enabled which enables it to update the information automatically to the back end and we do not need to touch the device to export data when reviewing temperature or attendance.

SaaS Based Web Application & Mobile App “U20”

  • Organizational Mobile App For Employees
    • Login With OTP
    • Terms & Conditions For Geo Tracking & Declaration Consents
    • Language Options (English/Hindi/Gujarati)
    • Employee Health Profile
    • My Daily Self-Declarations (Auto-Scheduling)
    • My Daily Temperatures (Real-Time At Workplace)
    • My Daily Geo-Tracking (Daily Track Routes)
    • My Daily Alarms (Offline & Battery Alarms)
    • Notifications From Employer
  • Organizational Backend

    • Super-Admin & User Logins
    • Dashboard
    • Organizational Profile
    • Employee Listing
    • Self-Declaration Listing
    • Temperature Listing
    • Geo-Tracking Listing
    • WIFI Listing
    • Battery Listing
    • Send Notifications
    • Office & Vehicle Sanitization Report
    • Export Reports

Final Thoughts

We believe this app will be an ideal partner for all organizations - big or small, to fight and prevent the spread of COVID19. What do you think about it? Do share your thoughts with us. Will you use the device to get things going on in your organization, without compromising the employees’ safety and health?

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