IoT Device ‘TEMPie’ & Web/Mobile Application ‘U20’
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  • 23,Jun 2020
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Quick Install, Just Plug & Play, No Wizardry Required.

Let’s start with a million dollar question. “Is your organization taking necessary precautions to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic situation?” The new normal post the lockdown phase includes masks, sanitizers and social distancing. In these times proactively measuring the temperature of employees is something very important for every organization, big or small to consider. When an organization is proactively checking employees’ body temperature on a daily basis they can identify sick employees who can further spread the disease and take immediate measure to stop the spread within the organization. Using a normal thermal gun that doesn’t really deliver a contactless experience at all, not to mention dedicated manpower required to screen and measure the temperature. In these modern times when everything is leveraging the power of the internet it will always be awesome to get things through the IoT TEMPie device.

Below we mention a few pointers which will focus on “ease of use” and “simplicity” of our product.

IoT Device “TEMPie”

  • Quick Install

    The user-friendly design of the “TEMPie” device makes itself extremely easy to use. Apart from this, it just gets quickly installed. Your organization can save time and manpower at the same time to measure employees’ temperature effortlessly from the day one.

  • Just Plug & Play

    One of the best features about the “TEMPie” device is – You can plug and operate it in no time. This will help organizations scan and record the temperature measurements in no time and in a total contactless manner.

  • What steps are being taken at your workplace to contain the spread of COVID19, and do you think they are effective ways to protect yourself from the disease? Do let us know in the comment section below.

  • No Technical Knowledge Required

    TEMPie is designed to be installed by almost anyone. You don't have to be a tech guru to learn how to get the device up and running. This feature saves precious time for our customers . Once it has been installed - just let the TEMPie do what it does the best. “Scan and protect”.

SaaS Based Web Application & Mobile App “U20”

  • Organizational Mobile App For Employees
    • Login With OTP
    • Terms & Conditions For Geo Tracking & Declaration Consents
    • Language Options (English/Hindi/Gujarati)
    • Employee Health Profile
    • My Daily Self-Declarations (Auto-Scheduling)
    • My Daily Temperatures (Real-Time At Workplace)
    • My Daily Geo-Tracking (Daily Track Routes)
    • My Daily Alarms (Offline & Battery Alarms)
    • Notifications From Employer
  • Organizational Backend

    • Super-Admin & User Logins
    • Dashboard
    • Organizational Profile
    • Employee Listing
    • Self-Declaration Listing
    • Temperature Listing
    • Geo-Tracking Listing
    • WIFI Listing
    • Battery Listing
    • Send Notifications
    • Office & Vehicle Sanitization Report
    • Export Reports

Final Thoughts

IoT TEMPie device uses cutting technology to deliver contactless thermal screening when coupled with access control and attendance system it can help organizations automate the new normal post COVID19. Its easy to operate since its a plug and play device, organizations of every level can consider using it to protect their employees. For demo and more information please visit or schedule an appointment here

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