Impact of Health Tech in Healthcare Industry
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  • 04,Aug 2021
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What Is Health Tech?

Health Tech encompasses any IT tools or software aimed to increase hospital and administrative productivity, bring new insights into drugs and treatments, or improve overall care quality. Today's $2 trillion healthcare business is at a crossroads. Currently burdened by crushing expenses and red regulation, the sector is seeking methods to improve in almost every conceivable area. This is where Health Tech designed by Nivida Web Solutions enters. To address two major issues in healthcare, technology-enhanced solutions are being integrated into every step of the process. These issues are quality and efficiency.

The insurance technology business, also known as "InsurTech," is making healthcare more accessible to a broader number of individuals. Because of artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, patient wait times are decreasing and hospitals are more efficiently staffed. Even surgical procedures and recovery times are being shortened as a result of ultra-precise robots that aid in surgeries and make some procedures less invasive.

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It's excellent that innovators are increasing access to healthcare and improving hospital operations, but how precisely are they doing so? By personalising experiences to the individual, Health Tech businesses have delivered a much-needed boost efficiently. These businesses understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to excellent treatment, thus personalization is essential. Health Tech businesses are magnifying human health and eliminating the unneeded burden on the sector by personalising everything from insurance payments to diets and sleep patterns.

Health Tech has the potential to reduce waste in our traditional healthcare system. Through tech-infused care, skyrocketing expenses, terrible wait times, inefficiencies in medication research, and limited access to insurance and healthcare providers are all being improved.

The replacement of outmoded paper records with Electronic Health Records (EHRs) has been a significant game shift for everyone in the medical industry. Medical assistants, medical coding professionals, and registered nurses are just a few of the positions affected by this industry-wide adoption.

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Patients may not only access their information with the press of a button, but it also ensures that errors are spotted more quickly without having to pore over unreadable physicians' handwriting.

Among the numerous advantages that electronic health records (EHRs) have brought to healthcare are:

  • Greater Patient Care: EHR can automatically notify the treating physician of probable problems such as allergies or intolerances to certain medicines. EHRs may be accessible from practically any medical facility, which is particularly valuable for clinicians evaluating patients from other countries and crucial if the patient is unresponsive.
  • Improved Public Health: EHRs provide clinical researchers with essential data, assisting in the advancement of medical knowledge and the development of solutions for prevalent health conditions such as a viral outbreak.
  • Ease of Workflow: Medical billers and coders are among the most impacted allied health employees, and demand for this sector is predicted to rise around 13% by 2026. Data entry into a computerized system takes far less time than paper-based approaches, and it decreases the possibility of errors in inpatient data and financial details. The ability to access patient records online also enables medical coding professionals to work from home, enhancing efficiency and production.