How Fashion Tech contributes to your Business
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  • 04,Aug 2021
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In the Fashion industry, where minor details like fading or shade matter, Fashion Tech ERP System becomes an ideal solution for smoothly managing all company activities while also providing good customer as well as vendor services. The unity of corporate operations is one of the many reasons why you need Fashion Tech. Each department has its own collection of software and data processing applications. When data is sent, a significant amount of time is consumed, and it is possible that some confusion may occur.

Fashion Tech ERP System merges all of this data into a centralized system where authorised users may access it without having to go through lengthy processes. Accounting and financial data analysis are also simplified by the software; data entry is automated, and you can quickly keep track of all transactions while also obtaining reports on the same. In general, the program simplifies the management of your firm.

From production to customer friendly accounting, EDI and admin only management systems, Fashion Tech ERP system designed by Nivida Web Solutions - the best software development company in Vadodara benefits businesses of all sizes and kinds such as manufacturing industry, warehouse management, transportation, Store Management POS, Online Sales, etc.

What is Fashion Tech ERP System?

Fashion Tech ERP system is industry-specific and the best ERP system that is used to manage the business of all sizes and kinds. This system aids in the management of their firm by making it easier to monitor, control, evaluate, and comprehend all business activities such as inventory management, procurement, production, sales, processing, logistics, and warehousing.

Fashion Tech ERP System is a vertical solution that can manage a wide variety of products that are produced, manufactured, and sold.

Fashion Tech ERP System assists with supply chain; sourcing and procurement, which includes working with manufacturers to fulfil orders, handling the logistics of moving finished goods from the source into stores, and overseeing global trade and procurement requirements; and selling goods to customers through a variety of channels.

If you're stuck in the daily grind of creating, distributing, selling, and longing for software that just works, Fashion Tech by Nivida Web Solutions puts you in control and allows you to dream bigger.

Salient Features:

  • Inventory Management: Controlling and supervising inventory, ordering inventory, and storing inventory are all features. It assists you in maintaining comprehensive control over your whole inventory, including future arrivals.
  • Order Management: Features for organisations to automate and streamline order processing. By utilising comprehensive reporting and Business Intelligence capabilities, it aids in the management of your order processes.
  • Order Fulfillment: Receiving, processing, and delivering orders to end users.
  • Customer Management: Manage your customer information, including contacts, retailers, and shipping addresses.
  • Production Management: Managing vendors, materials, and operations to ensure that your production runs smoothly and on time.
  • Finance and Accounting: Features for summarising, analysing, and reporting on a company's financial transactions.
  • Warehouse Management: Warehouse functionality and distribution centre management, including inventory management, picking operations, and audits, must be supported and optimised.

Why Choose Nivida Fashion Tech?

The Fashion Tech ERP System allows you to track sales and produce invoices. It can also be used to keep track of consumer transactions. Fashion Tech ERP System is a one-stop shop for all sizes and kinds of businesses. Because Fashion Tech ERP System assists in the management of product according to their specific Categories, Brands, Sizes, Colors, and Prices.

  • It can be applied in any industry: Fashion Tech ERP System by Nivida deploys its expertise in traceability and vision systems to multiple industries such as manufacturing, warehouse management, transportation, Store Management POS, Online Sales, etc.
  • It is cost-effective: Minimize the labour cost of managing various departments as you can manage all under one roof with just one click.
  • Easy Purchase/Sale: Your business sales and buy entries will be a breeze with this Fashion Tech ERP System.
  • Size, Color wise Inventory: Manage a single product that comes in a variety of colours and sizes.
  • Multiple Users/Permissions: Assign specific permissions to users, such as a user who only has sales permissions.