Free Versus Paid Study Materials on Vizyy
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  • 14,Jul 2020
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Free Versus Paid Study Materials on Vizyy

Vizyy is an e-learning platform offering a secured learning environment for institutes and students. Vizyy aims to encourage digital learning in India from nursery to entrance and management level courses. When looking for a learning management portal for comfortable education experience, the answer is Vizyy.

For complete end-to-end online learning experience, Vizyy is available as both - website portal and app form. Using the app and registration is 100% free. Institutes can use the Vizyy portal on an annual rental basis.

Now let’s discuss the Online Test Series feature of Vizyy. The Online Test Series feature available in Vizyy helps institutes to conduct online tests and assessment for the students. Considering the pandemic spread and health & safety of the children, online test and assessment is the new normal in the education sector.

Let’s now look at, why and how Vizyy is the best platform to count on for conducting online test and assessment in India.

In its aim to encourage digital learning anytime, anywhere, Vizzy has a storehouse of study materials. These study materials aimed at students to different levels, available in different formats are segregated into 2 categories – FREE and PAID.

Let’s look at the Free Study Materials and Paid Study Materials features of Vizyy:

Free Study Materials in Vizyy:

As the name says, students do not need to make any payment for accessing free study materials in Vizyy. Free Study Materials are available for all classes, subjects and chapters. However, the depth of coverage of the free study materials might not be on par with the paid ones. Students on accessing Free Study Materials develop a basic idea on a topic. The content format available under the free category in Vizyy is also limited. If any doubts or queries about the Free Study Material, students cannot get back to the source for doubt clarification. It is on the source who hosts study materials on Vizyy to choose among Free or Paid Study Materials.

Downloading the Vizyy app, registering as a student and accessing Free Study Materials require no payment at Vizyy.

Paid Study Materials in Vizyy:

We recommend students to opt for Paid Study Materials in Vizyy considering its volume and value it provides. Paid Study Materials are available for all classes, subject and chapter. Students who pay and access Paid Study Materials can get in touch with the host for doubt clarification. In fact, students can download the Paid Study Materials from the Vizyy app for studying offline. The Paid Study Materials are available in multiple formats and are very appealing in nature. Each Paid Study Materials has a brief description with all highlighting data like subject, content, standard, word count and so on that help students to make investment on rich Paid Study Materials in Vizyy.

It is on the source who hosts study materials on Vizyy to choose among Free or Paid Study Materials.

Students can opt for standalone registration on the Vizyy app to access its Free Study Materials and Paid Study Materials.

For Paid Study Materials, students can make online payment on the Vizyy app using net banking, credit card or debit card.

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You can download the Vizyy app from Google Play Store or iOS Apple Store.

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