Exchange Your Current Handheld Thermal Gun with TEMPie
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  • 11,Jul 2020
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Exchange Your Current Handheld Thermal Gun with TEMPie

Want to order TEMPie but already have a thermal gun? Do not worry, as a launch offer of TEMPie, we are now exchanging old handheld thermal gun with TEMPie. Give us your old thermal gun and we will give you TEMPie. Based on the condition of your thermal gun, we are offering a discount on the price of TEMPie.

About TEMPie:

TEMPie is an automatic temperature monitoring IoT device for accurate temperature scanning.

TEMPie reads human body temperature accurately from a distance of 12-18 cm. In a day, TEMPie can record up to 5000+ body temperature screening. It can work 24/7/365 without a break. The best part is with time, TEMPie has no recurring cost. It can also be connected to web or mobile applications.

Get Your Own TEMPie Device Now:

To explore and experience everything TEMPie has to offer, simply get in touch with Nivida Web Solutions. From free demo to thermal gun exchange offer – get your own TEMPie device now with best offers and guaranteed price discount.


Along with TEMPie, we have also launched U20. U20 is a SaaS-based mobile application that you can download from Google Playstore.

TEMPie is our contribution towards the Make in India initiative.

TEMPie and U20 are available at

For a virtual demo of TEMPie, please schedule your appointment at