Digitalize Your Business into a Tech Savvy One, Now!
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  • 05,Jan 2021
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Even after having well stocked picturesque showrooms and stores, e-commerce portals and social media handles – so many businesses are failing to survive in the competition. This is because the competitors of such businesses are integrating advance digital technology in their business. Digitalization of business with advance technology has enormous benefits among which the important ones are better productivity, efficiency, effective communication, improved data accessibility, and easy scalability.

In our 13+ years of services, we feel proud to be the digitalization partner of thousands of businesses of various sizes and industries. Based on which today, we list digitalization services that businesses can choose to integrate when planning to take one step up ahead technologically.

All of the listed business digitalization services are offered by Nivida Web Solutions.

Website Development

When a collection of web pages together talk about one business under a common domain name it is called a website. Website is similar to an online brochure where one can have a basic idea about the business, their offerings, management and so on.

Importance of Website Development for business:

  • Supports SEO
  • Creates impression to online audience
  • Gains reliability and trust

Mobile App Development

In present times, as mobile audience keep increasing, businesses cannot expand their online presence with a website alone. This is where mobile app comes in. Ideally, the best combination that today’s businesses choose is having both website and a mobile app.

Importance of Mobile App Development for business:

  • Better personalization
  • Works offline
  • Creates latest branding experience

Digital Marketing (SEO + SMM + SMO)

Businesses at the verge of digitalization must not skip digital marketing. For the websites and mobile apps to get response in the market, having solid digital marketing strategy is very important. Digital marketing includes Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimization.

Importance of Digital Marketing for business:

  • Create direct interactivity with your audience
  • Delivers conversion with incoming traffic converted into leads, subscribers or sales
  • Builds brand reputation


A close term associated with digitalization of business is branding. While digital marketing directly pushes products and services for sale, digital branding is all about popularizing a particular brand with theme, ads, trends and so on.

Importance of Branding for business:

  • Scope of getting viral
  • Enhances audience reach
  • Spread out on different online platforms

Software Design and Development (SDD)

Software simply automates repetitive task and is now the heart and pulse of all industries, sectors and systems. Custom software development lets businesses reach their targets faster.

Importance of Software Design and Development for business:

  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Adds security and lessens scope of human error
  • Lower costs

Integrated Solutions Implementation

For a systematic approach to company’s workflow, we recommend integrated solutions to business. Our bespoke integrated solutions have been the backbone of foodtech, edtech, healthtech, realtech and several such industries.

Importance of Integrated Solutions for business:

  • Business agility
  • Compliance ease and visibility
  • Consistency and continuous improvement

Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber Security Solutions adds value to security investments of a business letting them achieve their business objectives. Our security solutions include server security, mobile app security, web application security, email security and website security.

Importance of Security Solutions for business:

  • Protects business data
  • Boosts productivity
  • Detect and deter cyber threats

All the listed digitalization services are available and provided by Nivida Web Solutions to client across the world. Discuss your project with us now.