Create Best Interactive Websites With These Industry Proven Tricks
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  • 14,Sep 2020
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As a website is the face of any brand or business, it is really important to plan and invest on it. Effective web design is one of the keys to successful web user engagement. Coding and software implementation alone can result in a good user-oriented website, if mapped strategically.

In this blog post, lets learn simple 8 ways of how to create the best interactive websites.

Contemporary Layout

Opting for contemporary layouts make websites memorable and impressive. Good layouts make important information easily available. Usable layout is a primary selling point of any good website

More User Engagement On Home Page

As a well-known web development company in India, we are often asked – how to increase user engagement on a website? Search box, responsive design, simple navigation, interlinking and related content posts are tried and tested ways of creating best interactive websites.

Creative Artwork

Including creative artwork improves salability and makes any website appealing. Technically, web designing companies in India advocate creative artwork on websites for improved views, reach and clicks, easy explanation of products and services, high search engine ranking and boost social media.

Quick Loading

It is important for each of your web pages to load fast in order to grasp audience attention. Quick webpage loading speed can be achieved by minimizing HTTP requests, removing unused scripts, browser caching and compressed image and file size.

Mobile Responsive

Smartphones being the mass caterer of websites, mobile responsiveness gains high importance. Mobile Responsive websites can be achieved through viewport metatag, large button size, using auto correct for forms, compressing CSS and not using flash. Try them and thank us later!

Integrate Chatbots

Chatbots of an interactive website helps businesses to directly communicate with end users. This is primarily to enhance customer experience on your site. Chatbots can be installed by downloading WordPress plugin or by using application programming interface.

Integrate Social Media

When social media and websites go hand in hand, business prosperity reaches new dimensions. Social media buttons on websites help to create a distinct online presence, scope to add more keywords and expand your network.

Integrate Inquiry Forms and Quick Call Actions

Last but not the least, a good interactive website must be backed with Inquiry Forms and Quick Call Actions. This is a sound way of user engagement popularly used by web designers.

We sincerely hope this list of 8 ways of designing an interactive website becomes your useful resource.