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Core Google Updates You Need To Know About
Core Google Updates You Need To Know About
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  • 26,Nov 2019
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If you want to make your business online, you have got to enjoy being on Search Engines.

PPC that is a pay-per-click model sometimes becomes a dream like alternative for small business owners to acquire new leads or generate sales, but it costs!

That’s where owners look their way to Search Engines for the FREE TRAFFIC.

Actually, there’s nothing like Free Traffic because of the fact – When you write quality content for your audience, that’s when you position yourself being an authority, and it costs energy and time!

When you are an authority in your space, and making your content rank on top positions on SERPs, there’s the opportunity for you to gain more traction out of your efforts.

It’s something worth the efforts and determination.

So, have you ever thought of writing quality content that resonates well with your target audience?

Writing content is about doing all possible studies before you write anything.

In fact, quality content that you would create should wow your audience.

It’s a magic.

That’s what people would love to the greatest degree possible.

Similarly, writing won’t help you much unless you do its promotion to the fullest potential.

From connecting with influencers to doing outreach and networking with other webmasters, you have got to do each operation precisely.

So, with that being said – Today, in the guide itself – We will be discussing about top Google Updates since this is a necessity and will make sure you know what you are doing.

Google is the largest as well as trusted Search Engine on the planet.

What makes the difference for Google as a Search Engine is it has billions of users than other Search Engines in the marketplace, itself.

So, put your efforts on, and gear up to learn about the Google Updates for webmasters for betterment and effective traction.

Google Hummingbird Update

How about the situation when you are landed on a web page that has no intent to serve your query?

Let’s say – You typed your query on Search Engine, and it came up with results that have nothing to do with your problem.

It just matched one or two keywords of your query, and what you wanted never served?

Such situation leads to troublesome distraction and kills user time!

That’s what Google got up with Google Hummingbird Update wherein web pages that have exact query or being associated with user query completely to a maximum degree would be given a leveraged space on SERPs.

It’s because it will work the way user wants, and the best part is – Query will be fulfilled with desirable results!

The power point is – When you work your way on a landing or web page, always ensure to take query into your consideration.

Exact match query is what precisely important, and the web pages that show complete relevance would win the battle!

Google Mobile Friendly Update

This is one of the most important updates you should be getting up with.

When your web pages or complete site isn’t mobile friendly, it will damage user experience.

This will restrain them to consume valuable content on your website.

So, answer the question – Would you ever want them to leave your website, after you put in the efforts to set up website up and running; created content and published them to ensure they are given the best knowledge and information in the industry you are in?

How about the situation when you are running an Ecommerce website?

Would you spoil and prevent them making any further purchases?

Things stay at backfire when your website isn’t mobile friendly.

It’s important that you take the note of it, and work your way towards it.

Google Panda Update

Whether or not, you have been affected with Google Panda Update; however, your friend who is a webmaster might have been?

This is again a probability since this happens with webmasters who keep their website with low quality content.

Whatever you do to acquire users is not the best way with low quality content ever.

Being a webmaster, your job has to be enriching their experience with the content that they might not ever experience on other websites.

You have to prove your authorities and why you are best in the industry.

It shouldn’t be more about self-promotion; however, working your way to creating content that your audience would love to read about!

That’s how you can manage to get through Google Panda Update, and never get hit by it!

Ensure to prepare content checklist, and publish value added content!

Google Pigeon Update

Local content works the best.

Whatever you do, when it comes to creating content, if you are targeting local people and share content that resonates well with the location they are in, and distance of your business online, it’s when you win over Google Pigeon Update.

Similarly, what you do does not matter until and unless you are valuing and giving enough importance to your audience.

If your audience is in local market, and wants to be updated with local content, news or resources, that are the best way – You just go out and publish content that would do the best to match their intent.

This is something very serious and worth looking at!

So, make sure that you have the best resources as well as news as a content to publish, because a local content would always attract people who are local in the area or location!

Final Thoughts

The reason why it is important to take note of these updates is because they all matter!

It’s effective to learn in and out of the search engine updates for lasting game win.

Therefore, when you do and go all the way possible and in-line with the updates we shared; the chances of your success skyrocket.

These are clear ways if you operate your website with, you will win in an online world.

With that being said – We understand you get it so well, creating content is not enough.

However, what is more important is how one is placing its efforts in a way that double, triple the success ratio.

Thus, which is that update you would like to stress much of your attention and efforts on?

Would it be Google Panda?

Or, it is Google Hummingbird?

Do comment, and share your thoughts about the guide!

Similarly, one of the best recommendations we at Nivida Web Solutions Private Limited would like to share with our readers is that when you take note of how Google cares for its searchers or users, that’s the right approach you should be using in your marketing strategies.

Just provide value and great things will happen to take place.

On a sweeter note – Thanks for the read, though!