Connects With WIFI, Cloud, Attendance Machine & Access Control
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  • 10,Jul 2020
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Connects With WIFI, Cloud, Attendance Machine & Access Control

“IoT Device “TEMPie”, is a non-contact body temperature measurement tool that works great with Attendance Machine & Access Control. It is a cloud based device which works over Wi-Fi to record and share the data with management.

To safeguard the health of employees and clients in an organization, “IoT Device “TEMPie” is installed at the entry gate of the premises to record and screen temperature of incoming and outgoing employees or visitors. The best part is that - its an autonomous device and once set up, it never requires any manpower or any special skills. to operate the device.

The cases of the COVID-19 have been increasing in the country and worldwide, and in this scenario organizations having such a device installed will definitely be a step ahead in the right direction, which will set you apart from the competitor and help you dominate the market in such uncertain times.

The question is – Do you want to dominate the industry you are in?

Do you want to secure the lives of your employees, without compromising the growth and revenue of your organization?

If your answers to above questions is a big “ YES” ,and your organization wants to do all things possible to protect employees from the COVID-19, make sure to read the complete blog post to find out how IoT Device ‘TEMPie’ & Web/Mobile Application ‘U20’ can impart a sense of security to your enterprise.

IoT Device “TEMPie”

  • Connects With WIFI, Cloud, Attendance Machine & Access Control

    TEMPie is an IoT enabled Device that connects to the attendance system and access control system over WIFI and Cloud. Overall, it will work in tandem with attendance recording and temperature measurement operation seamlessly.

  • Requires No Technical Knowledge

    With TEMPie you don’t need special technical skills or knowledge to get things started. Our R&D team has put a lot of effort into keeping the design, installation and working of this device very simple so it can be adapted and implemented by organization from the day one without any learning curve.

  • Easy To Operate & Install

    What makes the IoT Device “TEMPie” highly preferable is the way it is installed and operated. You don’t require additional workforce, or organization’s precious time to install it. Unlike the handheld Chinese made inaccurate thermal guns that require dedicated manpower to operate it, “TEMPie” screens and records body temperature in a contactless manner, which reduces the risk of infection and also removes the factor of human error which could prove costly down the line. This is how TEMPie is a win- win deal for all organizations operating at any capacity post the lockdown and pandemic.

SaaS Based Web Application & Mobile App “U20”

  • Organizational Mobile App For Employees
    • Login With OTP
    • Terms & Conditions For Geo Tracking & Declaration Consents
    • Language Options (English/Hindi/Gujarati)
    • Employee Health Profile
    • My Daily Self-Declarations (Auto-Scheduling)
    • My Daily Temperatures (Real-Time At Workplace)
    • My Daily Geo-Tracking (Daily Track Routes)
    • My Daily Alarms (Offline & Battery Alarms)
    • Notifications From Employer
  • Organizational Backend

    • Super-Admin & User Logins
    • Dashboard
    • Organizational Profile
    • Employee Listing
    • Self-Declaration Listing
    • Temperature Listing
    • Geo-Tracking Listing
    • WIFI Listing
    • Battery Listing
    • Send Notifications
    • Office & Vehicle Sanitization Report
    • Export Reports

Final Thoughts

IoT Device “TEMPie”, along with Web/Mobile Application “U20”, serves to protect your organization, your employees and your clients without compromising the overall work environment.

Companies that outperform their competitors in the marketplace are always known to be proactive and employee centric whenever there is a huge turmoil in the market. With accuracy and simplicity of our device and the way it connects with access control or attendance systems, you can leave your worries behind and focus on things which matter more for your organization. For eg. customers, revenue, research and development and market share.

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