Connects with SaaS-Based Web Application and Mobile App
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  • 11,Jul 2020
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Connects with SaaS-Based Web Application and Mobile App

  • TEMPie can be connected to any SaaS based web application and mobile application as well. The process of connecting TEMPie to an app is very simple. Our team provides complete assistance to connect TEMPie with your preferred application.


  • U20, an organizational mobile app that can be connected to TEMPie. Organizations that choose both TEMPie and U20 can easily maintain temperature records, time or location for all employees.

    In this blog, let’s look how connecting TEMPie to your preferred SaaS based web application or mobile application is beneficial:

  • Ease of Operation

    Connecting TEMPie with an application makes the TEMPie’s data available across devices using the app. At backend, organization heads can use the mobile app or web app to access the data anytime, anywhere. Thus, for a streamline process that saves time and makes data available on multiple devices, connecting TEMPie and U20 is a wise choice.

  • Improved Decision Making

    The primary purpose of installing TEMPie is safety of the employees, visitors and customers of businesses. . Thus, when the TEMPie is connected to an app, the backend administrator can easily be notified in case of any unsafe temperature reading and immediate action can be taken. Hence, for improved and quick decision making in case of any alarming temperature record on TEMPie, it is important for backend administrators to have an application(U20) that is connected to TEMPie..

    Summing up, for best user experience without any technical knowledge, connecting TEMPie and application is a wise choice.Although, this is purely optional and not mandatory for using TEMPie.

    TEMPie is our contribution towards the Make in India initiative.

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