9 Must-Have Tools for Your Online Business Success
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  • 30,Jan 2019
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Competition is getting tougher!

Therefore, what small and large business owners should seriously do, must result in great business success.

With that being said – we are going to discuss top-notch tools to marketing your business on all digital spaces, so you can expect things to go into your favor.

In fact, these tools would change the way you do businesses’ marketing.

Whether you are in technology networks, or B2B industry, the importance of communication and being interactively advanced matters a lot!

It’s more than just the sense of getting to a competitive edge as well as also monitoring activities for powerful digital media success.

Hence, without leaving you clueless, and preventing you through any reputation or brand level damages beforehand, let’s discuss essential tools that you can call upon to marketing your business online more efficiently.

Google Analytics

Before you market your services, it is obvious – You would need a website. Therefore, there are many parameters to check after in order to have consistent results, coming your way. So, following things are crucial to understand everything about Google Analytics for achieving maximum marketing efforts predominantly.

You will learn as the tool provides information such as:

  • How many people visited your website
  • Know if your site is mobile-friendly
  • Which websites that send traffic to your site
  • Which marketing strategy and tactic, working best for you
  • Shows you the best performing pages of your site
  • Get to know if the site speed is nominally low
  • And, the best of everything – Any errors or issues, if occurring


Never underestimate yourself when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, because what works the best is quality content with all targeted and relevant keywords. The perfectly great thing to observe is – How it is being marketed. So, we can say – Outreaching the content to getting quality backlinks is something doing things in a very bold and exceptional way possible.

So, here is what you will learn and explore using UberSuggest:

  • Manage to discover keyword suggestions
  • Get metrics on SEO Keywords Difficulty
  • Do SERP (Search Engine Results Page) Analysis
  • Tool to generate content ideas
  • See sites’ top ranking pages
  • Full-suite to understanding keywords’ overview
  • Get Information about Search Volume & Cost Per Click (CPC)


Do you want to amplify your content strategy? If yes, do use BuzzSumo for more inputs and results in terms to marketing your business online. From research insights to content creation, you will really love the tool to have for making sure you get the best ROI for your business at large. The amazing feature you would love is – Competitors’ analysis.

So, here is what BuzzSumo has to offer:

  • Information about contents, working best in industry
  • Industry-specific trend metrics
  • The best content ideas for content development
  • Identify influencers and famous authors of any industry
  • Research & Analyze your competitors
  • Reach out to influencers in no time
  • Compare any specific domain performance


If you are wondering at what time you should post an update on social media platform, then Buffer is the solution. You can get the things posted on timely and strategic manner. The best thing you would learn is – It works amazingly by posting content of your choice on any platform and best of everything the time you want!

Therefore, this is what you make sure while using Buffer:

  • See posts/updates/contents analytics
  • Get an organized and fully result-oriented performance metrics
  • Create images to share on social media platforms
  • If you have multiple social media profiles to manage, then you just need it
  • Comes with clear interface to do content posting more interactively
  • Schedule posts/updates at your convenience
  • Manage about 120 social media accounts in no time


Do you want to engage and interact with your community/people more significantly? If you really want to do it, then it is highly recommended to start using MailChimp Services. It is more likely to give your business a remarkable growth since connecting with people and serving them a greatly satisfactory experience becomes a task of seconds! The best thing is you can always optimize your emails, so you don’t have to suffer “Being ignored & rejected” feeling, though.

In saying so, this is why you should use MailChimp:

  • Growing email list is like growing business exponentially
  • Manage to track emails’ performance
  • Providing value to your community becomes easy
  • Do awesome email marketing by piding your email list
  • Easy-to-use and customizable sign-up forms to attract people
  • Use different templates for promotional campaign success
  • Automate the email campaign process & acquire new leads

Google Trends

Have you ever considered knowing the fact – You can do amazing marketing through Google Trends. Yes, it is a service by world’s largest, leading and awesomely popular search engine Google. So, how do you know if Google trends would help your marketing strategy? It is simple – All you have got to do is to visit Google trends and it will allow you to see miracles for sure. Just a glimpse: You can see what is getting engaged in any market space!

Furthermore, learn how using Google Trends help you do next-level marketing:

  • Do competitive research on specific topics
  • See how many times terms/words/queries being searched
  • Manage to do comparisons among queries for maximum understanding
  • A real gem for marketers to go deep into engagement metrics
  • Help you see trending stories and topics across the globe
  • See if people ever typed in or shown interest in your products & services
  • See which keywords are trending for effective keyword research execution


The question is – How about getting a collaboration tool to working on all projects? Moreover, marketing job can only be done when content strategies and productions are placed in such a way, peers in the organization can use them for marketing purposes. In the same manner, you always need a project manager tool to ensure you have everything in place, when deciding to market your services and products before people.

With that being said – Here is what you need to know about Trello:

  • Prioritize important jobs
  • Get Organized projects overview
  • Transition of smooth communication among your peers
  • Check the progress of any project
  • Keep work tasks and performance metrics in an aggregated manner
  • Manage to help you compile important data in one place
  • Best for users working on projects


How progressive you are in terms to content marketing, social media marketing as well as search engine optimization altogether? It often seems we feel distracted because we fairly have no date to measure as well as plan our campaigns and other promotional materials at the same time. In wake of this situation, what we have got in place is Bit.ly that works awesomely to tracking all the metrics such as number of clicks, impressions as well as conversions if any! So, isn’t it worth the time and efforts to use the tool for all marketing purposes? If not, we have more to share with you!

Bit.ly gets you:

  • Get stats such as how many people clicked through the link
  • Know how effectively your post or tweet performed
  • Enhance your SEO visibility
  • Increase Link Trust
  • Manage Boost Link Clicks
  • Get the branded links to perform well
  • See results and other important metrics of your campaigns


Do you see yourself failing in accordance to measuring marketing statistics? The straight question is – What if you will be able to see which places your brand name is being used on? Well, that’s true because of the fact – Every business owner should consider Mention to register optimistic rhetoric business win. Therefore, lead your venture with the tool, so it won’t be impossible to build a mega brand in the space you are in. In saying so – You then never have to working on fixing things, rather a switch will benefit your venture exponentially!

This is what you get with “Mention”:

  • Track brand mentions more significantly
  • Do real-time brand monitoring
  • Get live brand-related updates on timely manner
  • See influencers in your space
  • Work on building great business online reputation
  • Get automated reports to share with clients
  • Do competitor analysis & study for robust edge

Final Thoughts

Side-by-side, when it primarily comes to changing what is not working in the given organization; then the thing which is valuable is to play big and smart!

Until now, we just had an amazing commute to learning about these marketing tools to have a glorified marketing pitch and strategy; however, there is something more to ask right now!

What do you think about the tools, mentioned on the guide?

To be very straight – Which tools you do use to work upon your insights for maximizing your marketing operations?

Overall, to further prompting the discussion, we want the readers to comment down and let us know what they are going to do after reading the post!

It would be like craving for all the opportunists’ areas to ensure one learns new ways and publishes the observation in form of execution for heavy business success online.

On top of everything – It is 2019, and what is more important is doing next generation marketing because of the fact – Traditional means of marketing are getting potentially underrated, plus very costly.

Therefore, which tool in the post you liked the most, and would ensure you take it/them on for your marketing success.

Surprisingly, what we at Nivida think is – Rather shunning a website, with no active marketing performance and activities would always give people out a chance to look for other business-oriented players in the same marketplace to get solutions for their needs!

Thanks for reading through!