8 Advantages of Mobile App Development Using Flutter
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  • 25,Dec 2020
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Flutter by Google is an open-source UI software development kit used to develop applications for mobile (Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, Google Fuchsia), web and desktop using a single codebase. Flutter has all the elements cross-platform and native development models that help to develop robust mobile applications in minimal time.

It is composed of Dart platform, Flutter engine, Foundation library, Design-specific widgets and Flutter DevTools. Flutter also has a wide range of widgets which work as its framework architecture. Organizations and mobile app developers globally are using Flutter.

The language of Flutter is called Dart is believed to have an exponential boom of 532% users in just two years’ time.

As this statistics clearly establishes the current popularity of Flutter for mobile app development, let’s quickly look at the 10 advantages of mobile app development using Flutter.

One Code for Android and iOS

As Flutter is a cross-platform technology, here, one codebase works good for both iOS and Android. This makes app development faster in Flutter leaving scope for the app developer to cross check the app functioning in both the platforms.


One of the primary reasons that make Flutter so popular is its affordability. App development on Flutter saves time, resources and labour. When using Flutter, app developers can pitch in a lot of features (than planned) in a similar budget. This makes Flutter perfect for MVP and PoC projects.

Easy App Testing

App testing is also easy in Flutter. The chances of less or no compatibility issues on different OS versions lessen in Flutter as it has widgets designed in the app. Thus, app testing becomes easy and time saving in Flutter.

Open Source

As Flutter is open source, it lets app developers directly be a part of the global community of developers along with their documents. Community support for any kind of issue while using Flutter, is very easily available. In fact Dart is also open sourced in Flutter.

Perks of Dart

As mentioned earlier, the language of Flutter is called Dart. The benefits of Dart for application development are its reactive programming style along with garbage collection, strong typing, rich standard library, generics, async-awaits along with common features of other languages. Dart makes application development really simple and easy. Dart can also easily compile to any native code.

Custom widgets benefiting interface development

Flutter has a wide range of widgets that help app developers to easily design app interface. App interface designing with the help of custom widgets become easy and simple. UI elements once created in Flutter adjust to all kinds of resolution, and display size.

App for different operating systems

Using Flutter, one can make app for 6 different operating systems namely Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, and Web. This can be done simultaneously and easily.

Scope of Customization

Flutter’s layered architecture allows developers to overlay, animate graphics, video, text and controls leading to multiple options for the same design. Flutter lets app developers control every pixel of the screen.

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