6 lesser-known reasons why iOS developers are switching to Swift?
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  • 22,Dec 2022
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Swift, introduced in 2014 by Apple Inc. as a replacement for Objective C, has now developed into a robust and attractive option for avid programmers. Swift is the favourite programming language of 65.1% of developers, according to a poll conducted by the developer Q&A site Stack Overflow. This ranks it sixth overall, behind Kotlin, Rust, TypeScript, Python, as well as Go. App development using the language is also of interest to them. Swift's 14th-place ranking is an impressive jump from previous years. Swift continues to be ranked higher than other rare languages like Javascript as well as Python in this assessment of the highest-paying technologies in the world. Check out this blog penned down by one of the most distinguished iOS App development companies in India - Nivida Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to see why so many iOS programmers are switching to Swift.

It's time to ditch C in favour of Swift. Apple's iOS app developers and businesses: it's time to see the light and switch to the Swift programming language. Swift has superseded C as Apple's preferred language for embedded development. In addition, it is a great alternative to Objective-C for creating iOS apps for the Mac, iOS devices, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and more.

After more than a decade of development, Swift is now compatible with Objective-C and the Cocoa Touch as well as Cocoa frameworks from Apple. Let's find out why Swift is a preferred choice of most iOS App development companies in India for iOS app development.

Swift Programming Language:

Apple Inc.'s Swift programming language is intended to be used in conjunction with the Cocoa Touch frameworks for creating applications for iOS and OS X.

Why are iOS developers switching to Swift language?

Dispel any doubts you may have had about switching to Swift from Objective-C by reading this. Here are a few factors listed by an excellent iOS App development company in Vadodara, Nivida Web Solutions, that needs to be taken into consideration and reasons to make a quick decision.

  1. Compatibility and interoperability:

    Objective-C and Swift have a common interface that facilitates the creation of optimal designs and code. Swift supports the import and use of Objective-C source code within its framework. Apple's newest operating systems, Yosemite and Mavericks, are all supported by programmes written in Swift.

  2. Time-saving:

    App developers prefer working with Swift because it's simpler to write codes for these apps. Apple is committed to making Swift faster so that it can process logic more efficiently. Without the need to import references when arranging the primary function, development time is reduced. Most iOS, as well as OS X user references, are handled by libraries, which allows for swift app development. Apple claims that Swift-based apps would run 73% faster than their Objective-C counterparts.

  3. Easy Readability:

    There is no need for semicolons to terminate lines or parentheses to place conditional expressions in if/else statements because Swift can unify every symbol as well as a keyword in every object-related keyword. Swift is a popular programming language because its code is more similar to spoken English. Existing Java, JavaScript, C#, Python, as well as C++ programmers will find Swift's readability to be a welcome relief. If you are looking for the most popular iOS App development company in India, Nivida Web Solutions is the right place for you.

  4. It is absolutely risk-free:

    Swift's default mode is always on, making it a severely restricted typed language that prevents erroneous code from incorrect input. When you make a mistake while programming in Swift, the compiler will give you an AS error. In addition, it lessens the time and energy needed to fix bugs. Swift causes a runtime crash with predictable results, so bugs can always be addressed promptly. Swift is type-safe thanks to type inference. The overall length of the code is shortened using this function.

  5. Reduced Coding Time and Accelerated Growth:

    Swift is a programming language that stands out by drastically cutting down on the amount of code needed for things like repetitive string as well as statements management. It has taken on features common to modern programming languages, such as the ability to add two strings with the "+" operator. To merge two data sets in Objective-C requires a number of processes, which can be time-consuming and frustrating for developers.

  6. Quicker Iteration and Update Frequency:

    Swift will save time as well as resources for all of the iOS App development companies in India by eliminating the need for extensive bug patches and development processes. There is less friction during reuse when the code is more straightforward. This allows for frequent upgrades because developers can spend less time reusing codes.

Beyond this, there is a great deal more. After being exposed to Swift, programmers find it difficult to return to writing code in any other language. After weighing all of the advantages and justifications, using Swift is a no-brainer. As a result, programmers now have the incentive to provide high-quality apps more quickly.

The key is to assemble a group of iOS app developers that are proficient in the swift language and have experience making award-winning apps quickly. Everyone from newbies to seasoned pros, from startups to established software studios, may now take their skills to the globe by adopting Swift.