5 Latest Trends Shaping the Future of iOS App Development
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  • 12,Aug 2022
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There are several IT specialisations, but iOS app development is very popular and promising. Because of this, researchers predict that by 2023, the global mobile app revenue will exceed $935 billion in revenue.

People's wants and requirements are always shifting, and businesses are doing their best to adapt. As a result of this, iOS users get access to more than 25,000 new apps each month. If you want to be at the top of your game, you need to keep up with the latest trends that are said to shape the future of iOS app development. A failure to do so could result in you being pushed out of the market entirely, not just being relegated to a secondary position.

If you want to stay ahead of the competition in 2022, Nivida Web Solutions - the most reputed and prominent iOS App development company in Vadodara, compiled a list of the top five iOS development trends to keep an eye on.

  1. Swift 6:
  2. Choosing the right programming language is the first step in the process. Swift has proven itself as a simple tool for iOS app developers to understand and use. Large corporations like Slack, LinkedIn, Apple, as well as SkyGuide, to name a few, use it extensively in their iOS app development teams.

    What about Swift makes it so easy and productive to create iOS apps? Apple's iOS platform has a wide range of capabilities that make it easier for developers to focus on the logic and quality of their code.

    Experts are unable to predict a release date for Swift 6 due to the potential for big changes. According to developers, the language's capabilities are expected to grow significantly in the near future.

    Code completion, diagnostics, debugging, as well as other aspects of coding, should all be improved.

  3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML):
  4. The use of machine learning and artificial intelligence in iOS app development is nothing new. Face recognition, search recommendations, speech recognition, image classification, Siri, text classification, as well as other similar features would be impossible to implement in a successful iOS app, yet they are all essential.

    As bespoke iOS app development becomes more popular, many iOS App development companies in Vadodara have started using AI as well as ML in the iOS apps, these functionalities are becoming increasingly important nowadays. Because of this, AI as well as ML implementation will continue to be a crucial iOS future trend in 2022 and beyond.

    People who use Apple products are familiar with Siri, the personal digital assistant. Since 2016, iOS app developers have started integrating Siri into their apps to give voice control capabilities to their apps too. Siri's capabilities are limited to specific domains or sets of user intents. Domains for visual codes, lists, messaging, payments, photo search, climate and radio, ride booking, workouts, VoIP calling, as well as restaurant reservations can all be used by the iOS app developers. Aside from this, you can also define custom intents if this scope isn't enough for you.

  5. Augmented reality:
  6. One of the widely acknowledged recent developments in iOS development is Augmented Reality (AR). Today, it has evolved into a full-blown AR craze on iOS platforms, and it has spread to practically every area of human endeavour. It has seen widespread use in the entertainment industry, such as in Pokemon Go and the stickers as well as animated masks found on Instagram and Snapchat.

    However, augmented reality is also beginning to make its way into other fields, such as design, healthcare, and marketing. This trend in iOS app development has been followed by industry giants like IKEA and L'Oreal so that customers can visualize the application of preferred products. This makes the customers' decision-making process more effective and convenient.

    More possibilities and experiences are made available to users as well as iOS developers, thanks to the ARKit 5 framework. Using an Area Anchor, when paired with machine learning, this technology now enables users to position augmented reality (AR) objects at a precise location.

  7. IoT and HomeKit:
  8. The IoT is a great example of how crucial it is to link iOS app development to changes in how people live their lives daily. Thanks to this technological advancement, users can link all of their gadgets to a single system so that they may use all of them more easily.

    HomeKit is the name of the specialised home automation platform that Apple released in June of 2014. It makes it possible to incorporate products from a variety of manufacturers into a unified Internet of Things ecosystem and provides the ability to command those products from an iWatch or iPhone. It is even feasible to operate these gadgets with Siri, such as shades, garage doors, coffee machines, lights, locks, thermostats, safes, fans, and many others that can be voice-controlled. Create a wholesome iOS app that can operate other voice-controlled devices with Nivida Web Solutions - the most preferred iOS App development company in India.

    The most recent improvements to HomeKit Secure Video now make it possible for users to receive notifications about significant activity in their homes and see the footage directly from the Lock Screen of their iOS device. Because it is compatible with the user's current iCloud subscription, Secure Video does not incur any additional costs. HomeKit cameras have the ability to recognise people, animals, vehicles, and deliveries.

  9. App Clips:
  10. How do you create an iOS app that doesn't require a user to download it in order to access it? The answer is App Clips, which is also a current iOS app trend. With this technology, customers may try out a portion of an app to get a sense of what it would be like before investing in the full version.

    In most cases, an app clip is simple and serves a single purpose, such as paying a bill, booking a hotel room, renting a bike, or doing some other similar operation. Using a QR code, a link, or simply walking to a specific spot can provide you with an app mini-version that can be installed in seconds.

    If an AppClip isn't used for 30 days, the iPhone will remove it. Users needn't worry about privacy issues because App Store administrators vet them.

    An important step in the iOS app development process is the creation of app clips. Success in this area is critical to the overall success of your application. You need to make sure your content is visually appealing and informative enough for your audience.