10 Vizyy Features for Institutes
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  • 14,Jul 2020
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10 Vizyy Features for Institutes

Vizyy is a one stop solution for education institutes counting on online learning as the next big step. With Vizyy as the learning management portal, imparting online education becomes pertinent and impactful for institutes. Vizyy caters to all aspects of e-learning needs in an affordable range and devoid of complicated technicalities. Easily adaptable to changing learning environments, Vizyy can be used for nursery to management level courses across the world.

We are committed to support the efforts of schools and colleges to deliver innovative learning solutions through Vizyy. Using Vizyy is hassle-free and a professional approach for educational institutes. Customizable modules and seamless interface also make Vizyy a preferred choice among best e-learning platforms of India.

Let’s look at 10 Vizyy Features for Institutes that make it a standout product in the Indian market:

  • 1. Live Lectures

    Teachers of institutes using Vizyy can impart online live lectures anytime, anywhere. Live lectures allow direct interaction with the students, instant doubt clearance and can be recorded for future use. Teachers can use the Vizyy platform only to announce the date and time of their Live Lecture in advance. In Vizyy, Live Lecture feature is enriched with echo-free audio, photo clarity and screen sharing option.

  • 2. Online Reading Session

    Conducting reading sessions is highly impactful but often missed in today’s time. To not let the young students get away from this rich experience of lifetime, Vizyy also allows institutes to conduct reading sessions. Reading sessions on Vizyy can have mutual participation from teachers and students. Institutes can also share reading material on Vizyy.

  • 3. Sell Books And Study Materials Online

    In our efforts to encourage digital education across India, we cannot deny the pivotal role of textbooks at any stage of learning. Thus, through Vizyy we allow institutes to put books for sale such that students can get the books without searching in other sites or stores. Institutes can also host study materials in the Vizyy app in two modes – paid and free. Rich availability of both books and study materials can help institutes maintain an excellent education standard for the students.

  • 4. Multiple Content Format

    Alone books and copies make study time very boring. To make online learning fun-filled for the students, Vizyy supports academic content in multiple formats including document, video, photo, clip, postal material, note, recorded lecture, live lecture and so on. Multiple format study materials on Vizyy help students to understand better and learn faster. Institutes can host the multiple format study materials on Vizyy for free and for paid version as well.

  • 5. Online Test Series

    One of the significant features of Vizyy is - it allows institutes to conduct online tests and assessments. Online test and assessment help institutes to understand student progress and deliver personalized learning experience. Learn in detail about the Online Test Series feature of Vizyy here.
  • 6. Create Combo And Coupons

    Combo Plan Master
    Coupon Master

    Institutes can make customized Combo Plan Master and Coupon Master on Vizyy. Combo Plan Master is a combination of different kinds of study materials relevant to a particular class, subject or batch grouped together. Combo Plan Master is economic for students and makes choosing the right study material an easy task.

    With Coupon Master, institutes can allow students to get discounts while purchasing study materials or books on Vizyy.

  • 7. Browse Order Details

    As mentioned earlier, institutes can put books for sale on the Vizyy app. To further enrich this process, we have included an Order section in the Vizyy dashboard for institutes where all order details are listed for crisp understanding of the institutes. The Order section of Vizyy includes order details like student name, email, address, product name, transaction id, order date, payment status and payment mode.

  • 8. Dashboard

    To help institutes keep a track of their performance, activity and work in Vizyy we offer a neat Dashboard. This dashboard is only visible to institutes who complete the registration process including payment on Vizyy. With this dashboard, institutes find it easy to plan their next academic activities with the students.

  • 9. Recorded Lectures

    Exactly like an online video-sharing platform, teachers can share their lectures in the form of Recorded Lectures on Vizyy. Recorded lectures help students to refer back whenever they want for qualitative learning. Live Lectures can also be saved for future use as Recorded Lectures on Vizyy. Both Live Lecture and Recorded Lecture feature on Vizyy makes it different from other Indian e-learning platforms.

  • 10. Customizable Advance Reports

    Institutes can create student progress and performance reports on Vizyy categorized as per branch, course, batch and so on. This makes it easy for teachers and institute administrators to maintain a healthy record of the academic activities on Vizyy in the form of Customizable Advance Reports. Vizyy Customizable Advance Reports are available on the dashboard of the Vizyy portal.

    The above are ten Vizyy Features for Institutes that teachers and institutes can explore after downloading the Vizyy app from Google Play Store or iOS Apple Store.

Feel free to explore the world of Vizyy now at www.vizyy.com .

You can download the Vizyy app from Google Play Store or iOS Apple Store.

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